Blue Bloods

The Wife and I just finished watching season 5 of Blue Bloods on Hulu Prime.

For those of you living under a rock, it’s a show about a family of New York “public servants”. Tom Selleck, one of the few openly conservative actors in Hollywood, plays the Police Commissioner who is a second generation in that position. His two sons are cops and his daughter is a Deputy DA.

It is a good show and generally strikes a good tone involving fairly conservative values, but this season, the writers found it necessary to preach at us about their religion for a few episodes.

Episode 3 was all about how anyone who is uncomfortable with the gay lifestyle is evil…including the Catholic Church.

Episode 8 included a campus rape case that covered all the currently in vogue stereotypes about uncaring administrators taking the side of the rapist and brushing the crime under the rug (up to and including hiding evidence) to protect the university against bad press. As if covering up a rape wouldn’t cause worse press than admitting that one occurred.

But a recurring theme that really bothered me throughout the season: The cops in the show were constantly running up against people who had legally licensed guns. The impression is that it’s a common thing in New York for citizens to have carry licenses.

In Episode 9, Linda, the wife of one of the cops on the show, is mugged at knifepoint. As a result, she is depicted applying for a license to carry a firearm. When turning in her fingerprints, she’s told it will take some period of time (I think it was a week or ten days, something like that) to process her prints and she’d get the license after that. She then identifies herself as the Police Commissioner’s daughter-in-law to get the process expedited. Nowhere is it mentioned that New York is a “may issue” state and that for most people who aren’t rich, celebrities or the Police Commissioner’s daughter-in-law, the chances of actually being approved for a license are slim to none, let alone getting it done in any kind of reasonable time.

In the next scene Linda is shown at a gun shop picking out a gun, paying for it and carrying it out the door…no muss, no fuss. Almost like she actually lives in a free state rather than the People’s Republic of New York.

For the uninformed, the false depiction of every law abiding citizen of the city having a license to carry a gun, combined with the quick and easy application process (albeit expedited through personal connections), and then the “plop down your money and carry your gun home” purchase procedure shown gives the impression that New York’s gun laws are actually reasonable, and are only a minor inconvenience to the ownership and lawful carrying of firearms, not the virtual absolute bar to ownership and lawful carry to the average citizen that they actually are.

These types of false depictions are what lead people who don’t know much about guns or the laws surrounding them to believe it when the gun banners tell them that restrictions like New York’s or California’s are “common sense” and don’t actually infringe upon anyone’s rights.

Although I still enjoy the show – most of the episodes were not so politically charged – I really don’t appreciate the show’s writers/producers trying to push their liberal religion onto me, and I REALLY don’t appreciate their effort to mislead the uninformed about the ins and outs of gun ownership in a restrictive place like New York city.


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  1. Now, now, F.Y.I. Donald Trump has a concealed carry permit from New York City. So it is possible to get one. Of course, it helps to be a billionaire.
    Piss ants like us need not apply.

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