The correct outcome to an attempted robbery

St. Paul Star Tribune:

Lavauntai Broadbent, 16, was shot and killed on a St. Paul river bluff during a botched robbery

I wouldn’t consider this a botched robbery, I’d consider this a correctly conducted robbery by all parties.

I mean, if your gonna have a robbery, one where the victims were unharmed and the attack is stopped is just about as good as it gets.

I’m sure some will say that the kid didn’t deserve to die for robbing someone. Actually, I agree with that sentiment. Unfortunately, when accosted by an armed stranger, the victim never knows what the assailants intentions really are.

When someone is threatened with death or great bodily injury, they have the right and, in my opinion, the obligation to defend themselves with every means at their disposal.

In this instance, the victim did so and the outcome was that the victims were unharmed and the threat was removed. It’s unfortunate that the assailant died in the process, but that’s not central to the outcome being the “correct” one. The fact that the assailant was killed was nothing more than the foreseeable result of the choices he made and is solely his responsibility…not the victim’s.

Of course, the entire tone of the article was about how this “teen” was simply a poor misunderstood teen who never really meant any harm…the gang fight he’d been involved in and social media posts indicating his affiliation with a known gang notwithstanding.

Broadbent was a young man caught up in a culture of gang violence

No…he wasn’t “caught up” in the culture, he chose it. Life is nothing more than a series of choices we make. Choose wisely and reap the benefits. Choose poorly and suffer the consequences.

I’m just glad to see that the victim in this case isn’t being persecuted in the press for exercising his rights and righteously defending himself. Part of that may be because the Police haven’t released the victim’s name…but it seems to me that the media isn’t trying very hard to find it.

Anybody want to lay odds on the ethnicity of the victim?


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