I don’t know if anyone is still visiting here, can’t say I blame you for bailing, since I hardly ever post any more. Many reasons for that, but I do still got a lot of hits from people searching for info that find my humble blog. To that end, I’ve got something I want to post in case anyone is looking for info.

As some of you may be aware, I’m kind of a “do it yourself-er” whenever I can be. This includes doing as much of my own automotive work as I can/have time for.

I was recently directed by a co-worker to a source for auto parts. It’s and after having ordered from them a couple of times now, I think I want to post a review.

I have to say, after having ordered parts for both The Wife’s Chevy HHR and my F-250, I’m very pleased with

They seem to have a varied and good supply of parts. I haven’t had any trouble finding what I need through them, and although some versions or particular manufacturers may be sold out or back-ordered, they tend to have several choices of manufacturers with at least something in stock at any given time.

Their prices are very competitive…they tend to have a variety of choices in different price ranges from dirt cheap, to moderately expensive. So far, of the parts I’ve ordered from them, I’ve been able to get quality parts comparable with those available from the local budget auto parts stores (Auto Zone, O’Reilly’s etc) for as little as half the price.

Their shipping rates are very reasonable. Many times I’ve found discount auto parts places online who’s shipping rates are so high, any savings from buying online are lost by having to pay for shipping. Not so with Rock Auto, they’re shipping rates are very close to what I’d expect to pay myself when shipping something of similar size and weight via fedex or UPS.

They are very responsive, processing and shipping orders very quickly. Again, some other budget auto parts places I’ve ordered from online have taken two or three days to process an order and another two or three days to get them shipped. With Rock Auto, when I got the orders in during their normal business hours, they got the order processed that day and shipped the next. Excellent Service.

Their website isn’t exactly pretty, but it’s easy to use and gets the job done well…which is my preference…keep your pretty, fancy web sites that I can’t find anything on and give me utilitarian usefulness any day.

And here’s what really prompted this review: I recently had opportunity to test their returns process.

I had a semi clip my driver’s side mirror with the back of their trailer a couple of weeks ago. The mirror was destroyed, they probably didn’t even realize they’d clipped me and kept driving. The “uninsured motorist” insurance that applies in a “hit and run” situation had a deductible many times higher than the replacement cost of the mirror so I opted to replace it myself.

When shopping for a new mirror at Rock I realized that I could go with Tow mirrors versus the standard mirrors for a very reasonable amount (standard mirror was about $50, tow mirror was $81) so I opted replace both mirrors with tow mirrors.

Again, I was impressed with how quickly they processed my order and got it shipped to me, but after installing the mirrors, I realized there was a problem with the passenger side mirror and I’d need to return it. I went to the order online and filled out a return request…a very simple process, as soon as the return was submitted, I was presented the opportunity to request and print out a return shipping label at no cost to me.

I packaged the mirror back up and scheduled a pickup for the next day. Within an hour of FEDEX picking up the return package, I got notification from Rock Auto that my replacement had been shipped.

I got the replacement on Saturday, installed it yesterday and it’s perfect.

Kudos to Rock Auto for excellent efficiency and customer service and for selling great parts at a great price. I’m thinking I’m going to be a customer for a long time. Sorry Auto-Zone and O-Reilly’s

And in case you care, Here’s what the old passenger side mirror looked like (click to make bigger):

Here’s the new mirror:

And here’s what they look like from the front (taken this morning (SNOW…YEA)):


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  1. I am also a big fan of RockAuto. I recently sold a 1982 GMC pickup. RockAuto probably saved me over $1000 in the last 5 years before selling that thing.

  2. I have come here to ask about my CZ82 jamming, and find a post about my favorite online auto parts store! My experience has mirrored yours exactly. I have been able to find even heavy parts like disc rotors for my Jeep and my wife’s van that cost less (even after shipping) than my local NAPA store. The last work I did was on the passenger side power glass of my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The regulator arrived quickly, fit perfectly, and my wife was surprised when it was finished so quickly. I agree, I like Rockauto very much.

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