Blocking China

I’ve been getting a lot of spam from China lately. It’s in Chinese so I can’t read it, but it may be attempts to get people to click links that will introduce malware.

I’ve been deleting them as fast as they come in and blocking IP’s they’re coming from, but it’s become too difficult to keep up with it.

I don’t like captcha’s and other spam blocking schemes, so I just installed a wordpress plugin called IQ Block Country that uses a database of IP’s and their country of origin to block all IP’s from specific countries. I’m only blocking China right now.

If you have any problems accessing the site or leaving comments, let me know through e-mail and I’ll try something else.


3 thoughts on “Blocking China

  1. The M on my m1 carbine mag release mfg is what pray tell. Thanks for your help. I’m a poor vet disabled trying to get ready for the big bang. Any help with this would help

  2. Not sure how this comment ended up on this unrelated post. You may want to re-post it on one of the M1 Carbine posts to have a better chance of getting someone to respond to it.

    As I’ve said many times before, I’m not an M1 expert…just a guy who bought an M1 Carbine from the CMP and was interested in checking out its provenance. I have no special insight or resources…Everything I found was online or in easily accessible books.

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