I just purchased two guns online

I ordered my *BAG day guns already (two because I don’t buy one every year so I had some to make up for), but I haven’t received them yet.

I ordered them from a retailer online so I avoided all those inconveniences like background checks and had them delivered right to my house right?


That is a myth perpetuated by people who would prefer that criminals have a safe and healthful work environment by disarming all their potential victims.

Here’s the process in 12 easy steps:

1. Find the gun you want to buy (the easy part).
2. Find a Federally Licensed Firearms retailer (FFL) in your local area that will do the transfer.
3. Have the local FFL fax a copy of their Federal Firearms License to the online seller (the seller needs this to legally transfer the gun to the FFL).
4. Order the gun, using the address of your local FFL as the delivery address.
5. Wait up to 10 business days for the delivery
6. When your local FFL informs you that your gun has been delivered, go there.
7. Fill out the form 4473 (don’t abbreviate anything, including using the 2 letter designation for your state of residence or “St.” for “Street”. Apparently, to the ATF, abbreviations are a dangerous and possibly violent crime, if your FFL allows this to occur, they may lose their license and/or be fined and/or be prosecuted and the ATF will accuse them of being horrible human beings who ignore the law and transfer firearms illegally to dangerous criminals like me).
8. Wait for the FFL to run the background check (anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 days).
9. Wait for the FFL to enter the gun into their “bound book” (the same caveats about abbreviations apply here).
10. Wait for the FFL to officially transfer the gun to you by logging the transfer in their “bound book” (again with the abbreviation thing).
11. Pay the FFL their fee for running the background check and performing the transfer.
12. Take your gun home.

Simple right? Isn’t it a travesty that the online sales loophole makes it so easy to avoid those messy things like background checks and waiting periods and records of the transaction?

Or not.

By the way, I’ll tell you what I got when I actually have them in hand…I’m still waiting for my FFL to receive them.

*National Buy A Gun Day…April 15…Tax day.


6 thoughts on “I just purchased two guns online

  1. Why do so many FFLs charge a fee to run the background check? NICS is FREE. Either E-Check by computer or the 800 phone call.

    • While the NICS is free, the guy who mans the phone at the dealer/FFL holder has to get paid for the time involved.
      Oh, the NICS isn’t actually free. It’s paid for by taxes.

      • You’ve got to call around and find the best deal. In my area I’ve had one gun store quote me $52 to do a transfer while another only asked for $30 to do the very same thing. Guess which one I’ve done repeat business with?

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  3. Or you could live in Georgia, where you would follow steps 1-6, then:
    7. Show the dealer you CWP.
    8. Walk out with your firearm.

    My dealer doesn’t even charge to receive a weapon that I ordered online, others charge up to $50.00

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