What is it with the media’s obsession with the death of a minor celebrity?

Yes, I realize that the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince was very good at what he did: He was a prolific song writer and very accomplished entertainer…I even enjoyed the movie he made way more than I would have expected to.

Yes, I realize that his death was somewhat premature. I’m not much younger than he was and I don’t think I’m nearly ready to go yet (unless it is in a fiery motorcycle crash, which is my ultimate goal, and therefore not untimely at all if it befalls me).

But come on…do we really have to mention his death every few minutes non-stop for days? I mean, in the grand scheme of things, how significant is his death really? It’s not like his contributions to society ended world hunger or cured cancer. He was a singer for crying out loud.

His family and friends have my heartfelt condolences and well wishes. Any death is a tragedy to those closest to them, especially an unexpected and untimely one and I am very sympathetic to their feelings.

But I didn’t know the guy. Even if I LOVED his music, I still didn’t know him personally. I feel sad for his death to the same level as I feel sad hearing about the death of anyone else I don’t know. His celebrity has no bearing on those feelings and I don’t understand why the media seems to think that it should.


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