The Trump Craze

This is not a well researched or studied thesis or anything. I’m not going to do a google search and make arbitrary judgments about what I find to “verify” my theory “scientifically”…but it’s a thought I had this morning.

I have to wonder about the mania of Trump supporters who are willing to ignore all evidence that Trump is:

1. Not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.
2. A fully grown child who throws tantrums and pouts when he doesn’t get his way.
3. A narcissist who cares only about his own well being and couldn’t give a rip about the country or its inhabitants except to the degree that caring about them advances his own interests.
4. A snake oil salesman who will say whatever he thinks you want to hear to bamboozle you into buying what he’s selling.

I could go on.

All of these things are blindingly obvious to anyone who hasn’t drunk the Trump Koolaid (heck, a couple of them he’s flat admitted to), but based on his vote totals, an astonishing number of Republicans (and democrat crossovers) have imbibed in the aforementioned cordial.

My thought was:

How much of this is due to the basic human fact that the majority of humankind is suited for and desirous of only slavery?

I know that sounds extreme, and I’m not trying to say Trump is a slaveowner…it’s metaphorical.

I could replace that with “most people are suited for and desirous of only perpetual childhood” and mean the same thing.

What I’m saying is that the majority of people want nothing more than to be cared for. They want to be protected, provided for, and dictated to by someone or something else.

They don’t want to have to make the hard decisions (or even easy decisions for that matter) or to take responsibility for their own lives and decisions.

This penchant is demonstrated by several common aspects of human nature: The weird obsession with superheros comes to mind immediately. Why are superhero movies and comics so popular? Because a large part of humankind loves the idea of having some “superhuman” being to swoop to the rescue and save them when they’re in trouble.

In the real world, the superhero is replaced by authority figures and the government. I think The Donald is playing the role of superhero at the moment. The people who’ve fully bought into his dog and pony show view him as some sort of savior and redeemer. They’ve been disappointed in the current “superhero” government so they’re grasping for another, stronger, faster, more blustery one to take its place.

I don’t know…this isn’t a fully fleshed out theory, just a thought I had this morning.

The overall theory that most people want nothing more than to be taken care of and told what to do has been in my mind for years and nothing humankind has done in my lifetime has dispelled it…I’m kind of wondering out loud if the irrational cheerleading for Trump is a manifestation of that more basic trait.



5 thoughts on “The Trump Craze

  1. A lot of Trump supporters believe that it’s professional politicians that got us where we are now, so why vote for more of the same? Trump also has name recognition, which most of the professional candidates didn’t. They were a bunch of nobodies. Challenged, few could name all of the GOP candidates who were running at the beginning of the season.

    Trump has focused on a couple of issues that resonate with working people – – immigration, gun rights, and “making America great again,” which translates as “stop running America down and apologizing for her place in the world” as our current President does.

    Trump is an ignoramus who saw an opportunity to jump into the presidential race when there were a bunch of professional nobodies running, and scored on name recognition and tossing out red meat to the most partisan of votes. It worked.

    • Agreed. I’m not tlking about the people who are supporting Trump as a sort of “protest against the establishment”. I’m talking about the true believers. The “Trumpbots” that claim he’s the best hope for the future of our nation.

      And there seems to be a LOT of them.

  2. I think you’re on it. Trump isn’t the first. We fixate on personalities. A good book was written on this. Cult of the Presidency by Gene Healy.

    ” will fix everything!”

    Trump. Cruz. Clinton. Obama. Clinton, Bush. Dole. Bush. Gore. McCain. Palin. Once Chelsa is positioned a bit better it’ll be her turn. We also love our political dynasties. If we can’t have a king, we can at least have an emperor?

    We are broken. But we seem to like it this way. Keep spending. Keep the bread and circuses coming. The economy is “recovering at 0.5%”. The party will be on once interest rates even pretend to normalize. But fear not, by then will fix everything!

    and it’s great to see you posting again.

    • Thanks. Still not as much as I probably should in order to keep the blog pertinent, but at least more than I was.

      I’m still pretty pessimistic about things, that hasn’t changed. I guess I’ve just started feeling like talking about it again a little bit.

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