Lessons learned

With a tip of the hat to Irons in the Fire: fair warning: don’t watch this if you’re squeamish.

Youtube video deleted please click link above to view video

Lessons learned:

1. Keep shooting until the threat is eliminated: Shooting someone is nothing like depicted in Hollywood. They will NOT be thrown backward; they will likely not drop immediately unless they choose to; they may very well not react at all to the first, oh, 6 or 7 shots.

2. Malfunction drills can save your life: The deputy in this video executed a textbook malfunction drill when the gun didn’t go “bang”. The only way you can do that with the fear, adrenaline and fight or flight response playing havoc with your perceptions and responses is practice, practice, practice until it’s so instinctive you don’t even think about it.

3. Magazine capacity restrictions can kill you: How many shots does it take to bring down a crazed/high attacker? You never know. Too many in the magazine means you carry some extra rounds home with you; not enough means you don’t go home.

4. Don’t let someone with a knife approach you. Cops arguably have a duty to try to de-escalate the situation before defending themselves, you don’t. It may take way more shots to bring an attacker down than you expect and if, while you’re pumping rounds into them, they get close enough to slash you, it could be all over right there. The deputy in this video was very lucky she wasn’t seriously injured or killed when the attacker got within touching distance. Knives can make deep, gaping wounds and we have vulnerable arteries in some pretty exposed places. Do everything you can to prevent them from getting close enough to open a spigot in you.

I’m no self defense guru, but those are the things that were going through my mind while watching this video.


4 thoughts on “Lessons learned

  1. What a great video! One shot does not throw them backwards and render them unable to still hurt you…like Hollywood makes the “sheep” believe. This is PERFECT to show why people / police need to shoot so many times. And the knife and keeping far away….which I ALWAYS comment on in movies, should be drilled in when learning to defend yourself.

    Hubby, the two things you taught me as most important that I will never forget:
    1. There is no such thing as an unloaded gun.
    2. NEVER pull my gun unless I am 100% going to shoot…..then once I pull my gun keep shooting until the threat is elimnated.

    • I wondered that myself, but I can’t find anywhere that says how many times he was hit. Maybe they haven’t released the autopsy yet. If I ever find out, I’ll let you know.

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