Talking about Race

[Udpate]Apparently, they received enough ridicule about the chart I was talking about that they removed it from the post. They still left the main body of their racist post, they just got rid of the ridiculous graphic. I had originally just linked to the image but I copied the graphic and saved it for posterity under the auspices of the fair use doctrine. The internet is forever.[/Udpate]

According to the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of African American History & Culture, dependency, promiscuity, subjectivity, irrationalism , emotionalism, laziness, tardiness, lack of foresight, etc are all traits endemic to Black Culture or “Blackness”.

Their list is quite enlightening.

I wouldn’t dare speak for the Black community, but if they made such terrible accusations against Whites, I’d be pretty upset. Who knew the Smithsonian was such a racist organization?

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