More evidence that All Cops Are Bad (or something)

Youtube video embed deleted. You can see the video here:

In a nutshell: Two cops who happen to be white, noticed a woman and child who happened to be black, out on the street on a cold night.

They offered her a ride home and on the way she told them she was out to get some things for her daughter’s birthday. The cops then went and bought a birthday card and cake, went back to the house to deliver them and stayed to help them celebrate the little girl’s birthday.

The respective races of the cops and citizens shouldn’t matter…it’s just a touching story about our public servants actually going above and beyond to actually, you know, serve the public.

But to the left race always matters. In fact me saying that “race shouldn’t matter” tells them that I’m a racist. Or is it White Supremacist this week? I can’t keep up.

Anyway, I just posted this in response to the “ACAB” (All Cops Are B@$!^&@s) claim coming from Antifa.

More B@$!^&@s like these please.

Obviously Racist too.


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