Are Hospitals Really Overcrowded?

This is a question I’ve been wondering about…we keep being told that we need to lock down and wear masks and all the other stuff to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed.  We’ve been told that the virus is “spiking” and the government will save us if only we’ll let them dictate to us every aspect of how to live our lives.

Well, I happened to come across this NPR site purportedly showing how crowded hospitals are with Chinese Wuhan Virus patients.  The first thing I noticed is that I didn’t see a huge number of areas reporting massive overcrowding.   I suspected that hospitals with very few beds might be driving the numbers up artificially.  I decided to dig deeper.  The first overcrowded area I selected at random to click on, tended to confirm my suspicion.  It only had 10 Chinese Wuhan Virus patients on average but was listed as having 98% of its beds occupied by sufferers of Kung Flu.

So, I picked another area…this one happened to be Harris County Texas which was showing 51% of the area’s beds occupied by Chinese Wuhan Virus patients.

But here’s where it got interesting…when I dug into the details, I found this gem:

A hospital with only 36 Kung Flu patients on average has 630% of its beds occupied by them?  That doesn’t seem right.  The hospital only has, what…6 beds?  Where are they putting the other 30 patients?  In the basement?

So I checked.  Strangely, according to the Hospital’s web site, they have 255 beds.

Hm. I wonder if incorrectly calculating that hospital to be at 633% of capacity rather than the true number of 14% might have skewed the numbers for Harris county somewhat?

Is that NPR chart what the CDC is using to exclaim that the sky is falling and our hospitals are dangerously full?

I don’t know, but I have to say that if I found that huge of an error on the second entry I clicked, that doesn’t lend a whole lot of confidence to the data if you ask me.

Don’t bother asking NPR how overcrowded our hospitals are…they don’t have a clue.


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