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The comments on this article over at Volokh Conspiracy demonstrate that we are past any realistic civility…There will be a divorce soon, and I doubt it will be amicable.

I was going to leave this as a comment but his blog is hosted (at least until he’s deplatformed) at blogspot…a google owned entity…and a google account is required to comment. I avoid google like the plague so I wasn’t able to comment there.

Maybe he’ll get a trackback from this and see it here…I don’t know:

I realized that over Thanksgiving. Had dinner with my son and his wife. They were both raised in Christian conservative households but then both families committed child abuse by allowing our kids to attend public Universities. Yes, there are things in life that I regret.

They both graduated not with an education, but with a re-education.

At any rate, after T-day dinner, the discussion turned towards politics. The scary thing is that we can look at the exact same set of circumstances and come to completely different conclusions. I believe I exclaimed at one point “we live in two completely different realities”.

Many of their claims and charges were directly from left wing media talking points: Trump praised NAZIs at Charlottesville. Biden’s obvious mental decline is just a manifestation of speech impediment he had as a child. Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian disinformation operation. Trump tried to pressure the Ukrainian government into investigating Biden. Biden’s brag about successfully pressuring Ukraine into not investigating his son’s company was taken all out of context etc etc etc.

They professed to be “open to other viewpoints” so I pointed them to several right leaning news outlets and have been relentlessly sending my son links to articles and posts undermining the position of the left, but so far their faith in the left has been unshakable so far.

Religions are like that.

Naw, we’re screwed as a nation. But I don’t think there will be a “divorce” as you call it. Too many Americans are too comfortable to give up their big screen TVs and on demand streaming of never ending reruns of Survivor and The Bachelor.

There will be pockets of resistance. They’ll be wiped out; the cry from the left to crack down on “Domestic Terrorists” will increase and since “deplatforming” will never be enough, “hate crimes” laws will be passed to criminalize criticism of the left. America will begin to look more and more like a totalitarian regime. It’s already started, it doesn’t take much imagination to see it continuing.

As more people who would be willing and able to fight are killed or incarcerated, the will of the remainder will continue to diminish and the inability to communicate effectively will prevent any kind of organization.

So, there will be no divorce. Just the typical battered wife living with the abuse because she’s both terrified of the violence that will be unleashed should she try to escape, and also terrified that she won’t be able to maintain the lifestyle to which she’s become accustomed should she succeed.

If Mr. Cramer happens to come here, an explanation: I actually just added him to my blogroll yesterday. I know I used to read his stuff regularly and couldn’t remember why he wasn’t on the blogroll. Now I remember why. Google is evil and hates us. My blog used to be hosted by blogspot, but as soon as Google purchased it years ago, I purchased hosted webspace and a domain name and brought my blog over here. I removed Mr. Cramer’s blog from my blogroll specifically because he only allows comments by people with Google accounts. I don’t use Google so I can’t comment there and I don’t blogroll blogs that don’t allow me to comment so…there you go.

I guess I’ll be removing his blog from my blogroll again which is a shame because he really does share some good insights.

Mr. Cramer, if you ever take off the training wheels and get off blogspot, or alternatively open up comments to people who don’t have Google accounts, feel free to let me know. You can leave a comment here, or use the contact link in the menu to send me an email. I’d love to put you back on my blogroll.


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  1. I’m the same way — I check Clayton’s site regularly and sometimes feel like commenting, but I’m not going to use my google account to do that. I don’t fault him for running on blogspot though, sometimes you just have to use what’s available.

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