Goodbye Facebook

I’ve never been a big fan of facebook.  The basic premise is that if any service or product is free to you, then in reality YOU are the product they are selling.  Facebook is pretty much the epitome of that.  They make their money by tracking every aspect of your life and then selling what they learn about you to others.

At any rate, I’ve had a facebook account for years.  I rarely post on it, but that is many people’s primary means of communication, so if you want to know what’s going on in their lives, you have to have an account and follow them.

Well, as of tomorrow I’m deleting my account.  I’m done with them.  The only reason I’m waiting until tomorrow is because I posted a message to that effect so that it’s not a surprise to the people who follow me.

I started an account on the free-speech, privacy oriented alternative MeWe.  My profile is here.

I’ve also got a Parler account but since they were strangled by the big tech oligarchs who can’t handle a little friendly competition, I won’t post links to that until they get it back up.


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