The upcoming war on “Domestic Terror”

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Really should have seen this coming, but I have to admit it kind of surprised me.

The left (including politicians, the media and high profile pundits) cheered on rioters all summer long, even setting up funds and collecting money to bail them out of jail when they were arrested. I suppose it should have been clear what was going on when, in the few instances where people felt the need to defend themselves against the rioters, they were vilified and usually charged with crimes.

Apparently, we’re just supposed to be willing to let them invade our property, destroy our livelihoods and burn down our cities because “oppression” or something.

So, after telling us all summer long that rioting and looting and burning is free speech, is it any surprise that, after having an election blatantly and in plain sight stolen, that a few people on the right reacted in a similar (although extremely small scale and subdued) manner? Especially considering that there’s solid evidence that agitators on the left planned and coordinated the “assault” on the capital in order to get exactly the result they got.

So, some people on the right…a very small percentage of a huge crowd that gathered to peacefully support Trump and protest the stolen election…stirred up and encouraged by the left, broke into the capital building and…what? Turned over a table. Took a bunch of selfies. Sat behind the desks of some self-important blowhards. Stole a few “souvenirs”.

Yes, one cop was killed from a head injury and that’s terrible. I’m still waiting for the news that the dude who beat him with a fire extinguisher was one of the leftist agitators. Another protester was shot by an overly jumpy security guard or federal agent when she tried to climb through a window. But compared to the mayhem we’ve been seeing on the news all summer long from people pissed off that a common criminal died of a drug overdose while in custody after being arrested for passing counterfeit money and then resisting arrest…that was nothing.

But the left never lets a crisis go to waste, so despite the fact that the capital building wasn’t burned down, or even damaged to any real extent. Despite the fact that it was only a tiny percentage of the crowd involved and despite the fact that there were leftists agitators leading the charge – ALL people on the right, whether they were even in DC that day or not, are suspects.

So, we obviously need a new war on terror, but this time directed inward, instead of outward.

Make no mistake. This is exactly what they wanted. This may have been part of the plan all along, or at least a hope that they had…that they could finally piss us off enough to get some sort of rise out of the right. Because they were looking for an excuse. This is not going to be a war on domestic terrorism, this is going to be a war on dissent.

It’s part and parcel of the movement to “cancel” the ability of the right to speak out, to raise objections, to protest. They’re shutting us out of the public square, not because our speech is dangerous to freedom, or liberty, or to our American ideal, but because our speech is dangerous to their power.

And this “war on domestic terrorism” is nothing more than a further extension of the effort to eradicate the right as a cohesive political force in this country. You think this is going to be about rooting out the crazy people who are in danger of shooting up malls? No, in fact, they’d welcome a few incidents like that because it would fuel their fire. No, this isn’t about “terrorism” this is about dissent. That’s what they’re waging war on.

Just popped into my head: I suppose that’s why they’ve been pushing so hard to get violent criminals released from prisons and refusing to prosecute crimes and such…they’ve got to make room for the wave of political prisoners that is coming.


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