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Youtube is owned by Google (or, more accurately, by Alphabet, which is the parent company that also owns google).

Google is evil.

I recently ran a scan of my site and found out that there are several third party cookies being set as a result of posting embedded youtube videos. Sorry about that…didn’t think about it.

Personally I stopped using youtube very soon after they got bought by Google. My videos are all stored locally and when I embed them into a post, I use a locally served, open source engine to do it. No spying on you from my videos.

But many content creators still use youtube because they can monetize their videos there. I’ve never engaged in the fantasy that this was ever anything other than a hobby for me, so that’s not a concern of mine.

I hope that readers of my blog are conscious enough about that kind of thing to have cookies blocked, or at least third party cookies, but I still don’t like the idea that unsuspecting people are being tracked as a result of coming here…so…two things:

First, I’ll not be embedding youtube videos on my site any more. If it’s on Rumble, or Bitchute, or one of the other privacy minded video sites, I’ll consider it, but if it’s a youtube video, at most I’ll link to a site that’s already got it embedded. I’ll never link to youtube. They belong to Google and Google is evil.

I’d prefer it if everyone on the right would just stop using youtube and move to something else, but my opinion is only that, my opinion, and has very little chance of being heeded by the big internet fish when they can make money from their youtube videos…at least until they’re demonetized or flat deplatformed.

But I digress.

Secondly, in addition to no longer embedding youtube videos in my posts, I’ll be going back through old posts and removing the embedded youtube videos that are there. If I can, I’ll post a link to the related info, but a lot of it is old and outdated anyway, so I’ll just delete the embed code.

Hopefully at the end of all that, you will no longer be exposed to tracking cookies from my site even from something as ostensibly innocuous as an embedded video.


4 thoughts on “Youtube Videos

  1. Thanks.

    My pet peeve is the number of @&$% java scripts many sites have running; I use NoScript to block them, and I’ll temporarily authorize a few so I can see what I came to your site for – top level scripts, mostly, but there are some sites that have as many as 30 running, and even more frustrating is temp authing 5, the page reloads and sets another 8 scripts that have to be authorized; auth them, and it loads 5 more.

    Do that and I’m headed to your competitor.

    You have only 1 script running, and it’s top level – Thanks, I appreciate it.

    • No problem. I hear you. I think the script that’s running is related to SSL encryption.

      When I first started this blog, I’m not even sure https was a thing. If it was I didn’t know anything about it.

      A few years ago I added an SSL certificate so I could serve my page securely but for some reason, if I just typed “” into a browser window, it would take me to the non-ssl version.

      To fix that, I added a wordpress plugin that redirects the http address to the https version. I think that plugin is based on a script.

      There may be a few other scripts that run from plugins, but they are also related to security. I use Akismet anti-spam to cut back on the spam comments. It doesn’t catch them all, but the vast majority. I think I’m up to 800,000 spam comments that it’s caught. And I use a plugin called IQBlock Country to block incoming requests from China. For some reason I was getting a huge number of hacking attempts originating from China. It got so bad that I eventually installed the plugin to just block the whole freaking country. I don’t write anything of interest to their citizens anyway. I have no idea what kind of military intelligence the Chinese thought they were going to get by hacking my humble blog, but whatever.

      Anyway, that should be it. I try to keep the BS to a minimum.

  2. Years ago we thought Microsoft was an evil monopoly, Google one upped them a couple times over. It’s nearly impossible to be online without being under their reach in some way.

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