A fellow blogger asks “Why Gun Bans?”

Fellow gun blogger Billll asked this morning:

The party that wants to empty the prisons, open the borders, and defund the police, also wants to keep you from owning a gun.

Makes you wonder who, exactly, are they working for?

It all makes perfect sense when you think about it in context.

The Democrats are the party of the left and the left is all about big government centralized control. They want not only to have control over every aspect of the lives of Americans, but over every aspect of the lives of every human on earth. One world government is their endgame and always has been.

The Global Warming religion is one aspect of it. It’s an effort to convince the world that the earth is in an existential crisis and the only way to save ourselves is to cede control to the priests of the religion.

Empty the prisons, defund the police: This is a double whammy for them.

We’ve been taught for several generations that we are not allowed to protect ourselves, that we should leave those things up to the government. Just today I saw an article where the Oakland Chief of Police exhorted the citizens not to defend themselves or others, but to just “be good witnesses”. So, if we follow their advice, criminals are emboldened and crime goes up. When crime goes up, the citizens cry out for their nanny the government to “do something”. This gives those who would rule over us carte blanche to pass laws that do nothing to actually reduce crime, but do a lot to restrict the freedom and self-determination of we lowly proles. The more things they can criminalize, the more control over us they have…all in an effort to keep us “safe” don’t you know.

The second thing that enabling the criminal element does for them is keep the crime rates up, which reinforces their constant calls to disarm the populace. That’s one of the primary things they need to do in the US is relieve us of the tools we need to resist their diktats. The more crime they can engender, the less safe the proles feel, the more cries for nanny government to “do something”, the better positioned they are to pass the laws they need to disarm us.

Open borders/illegal immigration – Also two benefits for them:

The constant influx of people from oppressive countries where they are conditioned to accept overbearing government and restricted freedom dilutes the American culture of independence, resistance and self-reliance.

It also increases the supply of poor, poorly educated people dependent on the government. Many of those poor, poorly educated people will vote illegally in many states, will be counted in the census increasing their representation, and will eventually (assuming they get their way, which I’m sure they will) be granted citizenship en masse, cementing the majority that the left needs to be dependent on government for their survival.

So, the bottom line is that none of this is contradictory as much as it may appear so on the surface. It seems counter-intuitive to say “we’re going to leave criminals out on the street to keep victimizing people” at the same time as saying “you aren’t allowed to be properly equipped to defend yourselves against criminals, that’s the government’s job”, but when you look at the long term goals, it makes perfect sense.

The long term goal is to make Americans dependent upon the government and the elites who run it. To make us nothing more than drones or cogs in the machine that supports and maintains the elite’s power and lifestyles. They’ll do that through any means necessary.

The funny thing about it is how many of the leftists who support this agenda thinking all the while that they’ll be among the elite who get to tell the rest of us how to live, all the while not realizing in the least that they’re just another prole to be exploited. By the time they figure it out, it will be way too late. Probably already is.

The ongoing war against conservative speech is part of the same overall battle. First they prevent us from speaking out, then they criminalize us speaking out and arrest anyone who does so. It’s already started…they are basically defining anyone who values patriotism and traditional American values as a “domestic terrorist”. I have no doubt that my subversive comments on this blog will be used against me someday. The only thing that’s keeping me insulated so far is my insignificance. I have a very tiny audience so my message isn’t being widely disseminated. If it were, I can guarantee you I’d already be on the radar. It’s only a matter of time. They just have to work their way through the big fish before they start getting to the little ones like me. Thankfully, I’m a tiny, tiny one so hopefully it will be a long time before the thought police kick my door down in the middle of the night.


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