A little morning comedy

I haven’t posted much gun related content lately, so to both alleviate that and elicit a little chuckle, I present a release from “Black PR Wire” (which I’d never heard of before)…courtesy of Bearing Arms via From the Barrel of a Gun:

In response to stagnation in the traditional white male market, the gun industry and National Rifle Association (NRA) are now targeting Blacks and Latinos as potential new gun buyers according to a new study from the Violence Policy Center (VPC)

Stagnation in the market? Seriously? What planet are they living on???

Let’s see…according to the FBI, The only year that NICS checks went down year over year was from 2016 to 2017…interestingly, the year that Trump took office. Wonder if that was a coincidence?

Record setting 2020 recorded a full 39.9% increase in checks over 2019 and January of 2021 shattered the record with almost double the number of checks conducted in January 2020 and FOUR TIMES the number conducted in 2012.

Granted, NICS checks aren’t directly representative of sales because NICS checks are conducted for other purposes and not all sales require NICS checks, but it’s a pretty good general indication of trends…and the current trends don’t show me any “stagnation”.  Nor do the empty shelves at gun stores and the “out of stock” notifications for both guns and ammo at online retailers.

I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve been a gun owner virtually all my life…I got my first air rifle when I was about 8 and my first .22 rifle when I was 12 or 13…I’ve been an activist in the gun community for most of my adult life. I’ve been providing beginners with basic safety and firearms handling training for close to 20 years and in my experience, the NRA, VCDL and every other organization I’ve ever been involved with has always encouraged all lawfully present residents of the US to exercise their rights under the Second Amendment. The accusation that the NRA is all the sudden pushing for minorities to buy guns because whites have stopped buying them is not only silly, it’s freaking hilarious.

These people are delusional.

Here’s how it seems to me: The left is losing control of the narrative when it comes to guns. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that it’s not just old fat white guys like me who own and use guns and are engaged in the gun rights community. Go to any gun show and you’ll see a healthy mix of old and young, men and women, all races creeds and colors, enjoying the camaraderie and “kicking the tires” on an assortment of firearms from collectible antiques to the latest and greatest plastic fantastics and EBRs.

And that scares the bejeebers out of them.

It’s probably just so scary to them because they are starting to realize that with minorities and women becoming more and more active in the gun rights community, their chance of gaining popular support for their agenda is waning quickly; but you’ve got to admit, their arguments sound pretty sexist and racist.

Basically, according to them, Blacks, Hispanics and women aren’t capable of evaluating information and making informed decisions, they are prone to being pushed into making unwise decisions by nefarious, faceless actors like the NRA and the NSSA.

Personally, I think more and more people of all races, creeds, backgrounds and sexes are being forced by the reality around them to realize that when it comes to defending themselves and their families, ultimately the responsibility lies with them and them alone. Better to be properly equipped and prepared and never need it than for the need to arise and find you wanting.


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