Be prepared: a global drought in computer chips is coming

There’s apparently a shortage of semiconductors right now.  I can virtually guarantee you that this shortage has been caused by government actions of one kind or another either through onerous regulations or disincentivizing taxes or whatever.

But now that the government has recognized the shortage that they’ve caused, don’t fear…they’re coming to the rescue with billions of dollars.

“I’m directing senior officials in my administration to work with industrial leaders to identify solutions to the semiconductor shortfall,” Biden said on Wednesday. “Congress has authorized a bill but they need … $37 billion to make sure that we have this capacity. I’ll push for that as well.”

What are those billions of dollars going to go to? Why lining the pockets of bureaucrats and their cronies of course. And once the gravy train starts, it can never be stopped…so you can fully expect the supply shortage to worsen significantly and never end.


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