Hedging won’t save you.

I find it amusing to see all the right wing outlets and pundits hedging about the “Capitol Riots”.   They take great pains to make it abundantly clear that they don’t support the violence and that they condemn the acts of those few who invaded the Capitol building on Jan 6.

I know they’re doing it so that they don’t look like hypocrites after having condemned the left-wing riots and violence all summer long, but it’s both counterproductive and a waste of time.

It’s counterproductive because it plays right into the hands of the left.  Now that we’ve condemned the “riot” how can we possibly argue about them bringing the hammer down on the participants?  They’ve been letting left-wing rioters off with, at worst, slaps on the wrist for flat burning down cities all summer, but a few right wingers break some windows and turn over a table and they’re going to be locked up for decades?

Thanks for your support right wing media.

My position is, how can you blame them?  The country and media has been telling people all summer long that it’s not only not criminal to riot and burn businesses and block streets, and takeover entire neighborhoods and assault police with rocks and bottles and bats, it’s downright noble to engage in those pursuits in a mission to “start a conversation.”

So, they took those lessons to heart and played “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”   And you want to condemn them for doing what they’ve been told all summer long is a just and noble action?

Who needs enemies when they’ve got friends like you?

But that’s not really the point I wanted to make.  My point is that all that hand-wringing and hedging and condemnation isn’t going to matter in the least.

The left isn’t really outraged about the incident at the Capital.  That’s just their excuse.  And the purpose of that excuse is to suppress dissent.  Violently if necessary.

The insurgents should be “isolated and alienated” from the general population, according to Grenier.

“Just as Al Qaeda in Iraq depended on a much larger community of disaffected Sunnis for tacit support and recruitment, we face the prospect of there being a mass of citizens — sullen, angry and nursing their grudges — among whom the truly violent minority will be able to live undetectably, attracting new adherents to their cause,” Grenier wrote for the Times.

And who are these insurgents they’re talking about? All of us. Anyone who doesn’t toe the lefty line, play the game, say the right things and kowtow to the right causes.

And it’s not going to matter a whit how adamantly you throw your fellow right-wingers under the bus when the lefties pretend to be all offended by their behavior, because that’s all make believe anyway. That’s just another way for them to drive wedges in between us…to divide and conquer.

And it’s US they’re trying to conquer.

As a very wise man once said, either we stand together or we hang separately.


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