I’ll think about believing that Global Warming is an existential threat…

When they start acting like they believe it is:

John Kerry Confronted Over His Private Jet Use — His Response Says It All

If you’re one of the “important” people, you are exempt from the rules you want the rest of the world to follow because…you’re special or something.

Nevermind that you could fly commercial like the little people (even though you’d prefer that the little people not be allowed to travel by air at all)…especially during this time of difficulty for the airlines…I just read today that AA is laying off 13,000 people.

Nevermind that your private jet spews more carbon dioxide in one trip than the average “little people” family does in a year.

You’re special, so you know that after your policies devastate the economy and the “little people” are unemployed and standing in bread lines, you’ll still be above it all, spewing CO2 from your private jets as you fly around the world being congratulated by other “important” hypocrites on how much you’ve sacrificed to save the world from the boogey man.

I don’t have to reject science to disbelieve the hype about global warming. All I have to do is watch how all the people telling us that the world is about to end are living their lives. That tells me all I need to know.


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