Inconvenient News

When I first stumbled across this story in the Sun (hat tip to Citizen’s Free Press)

The ex-con admitted to cops that he killed 41-year-old mother of two Andrea Lynn Blankenship and cut out her heart to cook it and eat it on February 9.

I wondered why I hadn’t seen anything about it in the US mainstream media.

But then I saw the pictures of the perpetrator:Perpetrator

And the Victim:Victim

Oh…now I get it. Can’t print any news that doesn’t support the “systemic racism” narrative.

And I’m pretty sure that noticing this makes me a white supremacist.  How will I ever live with myself?


1 thought on “Inconvenient News

  1. He self identifies as a cannibal, we must tolerate his life choices and accommodate them; perhaps we can encourage him to consume aborted fetuses.
    Yes I’m being darkly sarcastic.

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