Projection – an illustration

It’s a youtube video so I won’t link it, but here’s where I found it:

MASTERCLASS — Trump defense team should play this video on loop during the entire Senate hearing…

This is a microcosm of the left’s strategy:  gaslighting and projection.

All summer long the left has been shouting to the mountaintops that “mostly peaceful protests” wherein business were burned and looted, police and innocent bystanders were assaulted, public and private property was forcibly “occupied” and held hostage at gunpoint, were a legitimate and admirable statement of discontent against the government.

They not only refused to condemn such behavior, they encouraged it and even started funds and donated money to bail the perpetrators out of jail when they were arrested.

Then, when a few people on the right take them at their word and engage in a much more restrained version of the same brand of “mostly peaceful” protest, it’s treason and domestic terrorism and the President who specifically condemned violence and exhorted his followers to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard is condemned as having “instigated” insurrection.

Projection and gaslighting…pure and simple.  They project their failings onto their opponents and then try to pretend that they aren’t twice as guilty as those they accuse.

It’s no different than the penchant for the left to purge the public square of any non-leftist speech by claiming it is hateful or false, while letting anyone on the left spew any sort of vitriol and falsehoods they desire.

It’s no different than the virulent anti-gun agitator getting right into the face of gun rights advocates and screaming spittle flinging epithets at them while insisting that the gun rights advocates are the hateful, violent ones.

I could go on and on, the examples are everywhere.  The left engages in egregious behavior, then projects their bad behavior onto the right while trying to gaslight everyone into believing they are the innocent victims.

It’s no accident…the behavior is too consistent and widespread.  It’s the gameplan.  It is a conscious, orchestrated and coordinated tactic employed by them to dupe the masses into granting them the power they crave.

And the scary thing is, it works surprisingly well.


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