When seconds count, Police are only minutes away

So, outside of Scranton PA, a neighbor dispute turns deadly.

Scroll to the bottom and surveillance video of the whole thing can be seen here (It’s graphic in the sense that you know these are real people being really shot, not TV stuntmen with blanks, but it’s not particularly gory).

Here’s the local news story with a little more detail.

The video shows that the Goys shoveled snow from their parking spots, pushed it across the street and threw it onto Spaide’s property. After Spaide asked the couple to stop throwing snow onto his property, the neighbors got into an argument where they appear to have exchanged obscene gestures and expletives.

There are a few things that I take away from this incident but the first thing that struck me was this:

The guy unloaded his pistol on the two neighbors, then goes back into his house. Over a minute passes with the woman laying in the middle of the street moaning before the perpetrator comes back out with a rifle to finish the job. Then he goes back into the house and a couple more minutes pass with the woman laying in the middle of the street before the video ends.

I’ve found no mention anywhere of what time he cops finally arrived, but the image of that lady laying in the middle of the street, all by herself for several minutes, dying, was poignant to me.

It drove home the lesson that, it not only isn’t the government’s job to take care of you, they flat won’t be there when you need them most. It is OUR responsibility to take care of ourselves, defend ourselves, protect ourselves because when the SHTF, we’re the only ones who are going to be around to do it.

There are a couple of other things that struck me about the video and that attendant description of events in the paper.

First, this specific incident apparently started when the two victim neighbors started shoveling the snow from their sidewalk, carrying it across the street and dumping it in the neighbor’s yard. WTF? So, it seems there’s already some bad blood going on there. We’ll probably never know what initiated the whole thing…this could have been years in the making, or who the instigator of the bad blood really was…but I have a theory (of course).

At the start of the video, killer is standing in his own yard with a pistol pointing it at victims who are in the street at the edge of his property yelling and gesturing angrily at him. This implies pretty clearly to me that the couple were most likely the aggressive ones in this case.

This is my experience: When someone starts a fight with you that you weren’t looking for, it escalates and the aggressor pulls out a weapon…you don’t stand there yelling at him and shaking your fists at him. He was the aggressor, you assume that his aggression means he’s unstable or worse and if it gets to the point where he pulls out a weapon, you assume he’s going to use it…you immediately get the heck out of dodge and call the police, you don’t stand there basically daring him to use the weapon he just pulled out.

If, on the other hand, you are the aggressor, when the victim of your aggression finally pulls out the gun and tells you to back off, you don’t believe he’s actually going to use it, you think he’s bluffing…heck, he’s not the aggressive one, you are. So, you stand there screaming and shaking your fists at him because you don’t believe he’s a threat, even when he’s armed.

I suspect that the couple were the instigators and aggressors, that the killer had been trying to deal with them for a long time and probably had gotten no help from police or city authorities and the aggressor couple have gotten to the point where they felt pretty invincible…”we can do whatever we want to you, what are you going to do about it?”. I’d guess it finally just got to be too much and he finally snapped.

And that brings me to my second takeaway, not only isn’t the government going to protect you, it’s not even going to HELP you. I’m not going to go into details but we had a similar issue with some renters being disruptive in our neighborhood.

My wife struggled for close to two years to get the City government or police to do anything. Even though much if not all of what they were doing was flatly illegal, the city government and police were no help whatsoever. They simply refused to enforce their own ordinances because it just wasn’t worth the trouble. The residents finally got evicted from the unit, not because of their disruptive behavior, but because they refused to take care of the property at even a basic level and the landlord didn’t want the place destroyed.

Part of the societal compact is that we’ll act in a civilized manner and leave things like enforcement of the laws to the professionals. The other part is that, by doing so, we are trusting those professionals to actually deal with the things that we are leaving to them. If they can’t or won’t, the compact breaks down and we’re right back to the days when it’s every man for himself and the default punishment for any crime is to hang the perpetrator from the nearest tree.

As the government shifts more and more into stifling dissent and punishing thoughtcrimes rather than enforcing the laws that make society civil, expect to see more and more of this type of thing. People are going to feel increasingly “on their own” and will feel more compelled to take matters into their own hands.

I’d say it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but I’m not convinced it’s ever going to get better. I think we’re beyond the tipping point and we’re never going back. Our government will become more and more and more totalitarian until it finally collapses of its own weight. I’m just glad that I’m not likely to live long enough to have to see the worst of it.


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