Ah, the time honored tradition of Saltatus Cruoris

For those of you who may not remember, Saltatus Cruoris is my (probably wildly inaccurate) latin designation of “Dancing in Blood”.

I don’t speak latin, I created the term by a liberal interpretation of terms rendered by a latin translation website, but it’s catchy enough even if it may not be accurate.

At any rate, Saltatus Cruoris is the time honored tradition of anti-gun activists to celebrate any high profile case of violence that included a gun because it gives them a rationalization for a plea to emotion in support of their agenda. I firmly believe that they pray fervently every night to whatever deity they honor to provide them with a mass shooting they can exploit. They surely don’t waste any time waiting for little things like facts and details to emerge before they capitalize on the tragedy to push their agenda.

Take this case for example: Within hours of the Atlanta shooting that left 8 dead, gun control activists were exploiting the story to push their agenda forward.

“As facts continue coming in, it is clear that guns are too often weaponized as a tool of hate. This must end,” gun control group Giffords said in a tweet Wednesday.

They don’t bother to wait until the facts actually come in, because whether their agenda would have prevented or had any impact on the crime in question at all is irrelevant. That’s because it isn’t about stopping crime or stopping mass shootings. It’s about stopping we peasants from owning the tools to resist the tyranny of those who would rule us.

But, but but…the bills in congress right now are only about background checks right? Because I’m sure as soon as they get those laws passed, all the gun control organizations will close their doors and turn off the lights…mission accomplished.

Pull my other leg.


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