Another “shocking” development

The black unemployment rate rises even as all other demographics continue to fall.

I’m really surprised the reporter didn’t throw in a couple of “unexpectedly”s just so we’re clear that this eventuality that has been predicted repeatedly by people on the right was completely unforeseeable.

Hmm…wonder what could possibly be going on. Let’s see, the borders are effectively open to unfettered illegal immigration at the same time that democrats are pledging their sacred honors to achieving a $15 minimum wage.

Seems to me that employers are shedding themselves of relatively expensive US citizen low skilled employees and hiring illegal alien low skilled employees that are willing to work for much less. And, as a bonus, minor details like “minimum wage” don’t really apply when you’re already hiring them illegally.

But, hey, the Democrats keep telling us that they HEART blacks and other minorities, so, you know, it doesn’t matter that their policies actually hurt them rather than help right?


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