Ihre Papiere, bitte

The German government (of course) is calling for “vaccination passports” to be implemented for travel in the EU.

Of course, we are assured:

Merkel … cautioned that a vaccine passport should not “mean that only those who have a vaccination passport are allowed to travel.”

Note the weasel word “should”.

Just like Social Security numbers shouldn’t be used for identification.

And the records of guns sales and background checks shouldn’t be used as a backdoor gun registration.

Allow me to translate that out of “politicianese” and into English:

“We realize that if we make this mandatory for travel at this point, many nations will refuse to implement it due to concerns that it will cause a political backlash and the government figures who support it may lose their positions of power; therefore, we’ll insist that it ‘should not’ be used in such a way until it gains wide adoption, after which we’ll change the words ‘should not’ to ‘shall'”

Because that’s just how totalitarian leftists roll.

By the way…I wonder if they’ll check the vaccination passports of “refugees” from the Middle East and Africa?


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