Modern “Justice”

It’s not a criminal act to vandalize a person’s vehicle and attack them with thrown objects, but it is a criminal act to defend oneself against such an attack.

I want to point out that the guy didn’t pull his gun in response to his vehicle being vandalized, he pulled his gun when the attackers started pelting him with whatever it was they were throwing. Also, he was severely outnumbered. Disparity of force is a factor in the “reasonableness” of the decision to use deadly force.

Some would say he shouldn’t have been there with his flags, that he provoked the response.

My response is, since when does only one side get to express their first amendment rights? The Antifa thugs are a tiny, tiny minority in our society, the fact that we allow them to commandeer the entire conversation because we are too afraid to meet them face to face is why we are losing the culture war. We don’t fight. We sit in the comfort of our homes and shake our heads over it, and when a few brave souls do show up, we vilify them for being so stupid as to stand up for what they believe.

And many cheer the Police arresting them for trying to defend themselves against the mob.

That’s why I find it hard to believe that a “civil war” is brewing as many on the right keep predicting. We as a culture no longer have the will to stand up and fight for our freedom and liberty. The other side definitely has the will to fight for their power to oppress us, but we don’t have the will to resist. There will be a few pockets of resistance, but they will be ruthlessly wiped out and the rest will meekly surrender. By the time things get bad enough for a large enough number of the population to be willing to fight back, it will be way too late and the jackboots will be firmly on the neck of the nation.

As I’ve said many times before, I just hope it takes long enough that I’m dead and buried before this slow motion train wreck comes to rest.


4 thoughts on “Modern “Justice”

  1. “I just hope it takes long enough that I’m dead and buried before this slow motion train wreck comes to rest.”

    That might happen, but are you willing to live the rest of your life in that much misery? That ratchet goes only one way.

    Unless we break the fucking ratchet.

  2. Oh, I’m with you. The problem is the “establishment conservatives” are still thinking that we’ll be able to vote our way out of this mess. That somehow we’ll be able to overcome the democrat cheat machine, win majorities in congress in 2022 and win back the Presidency in 2024 and magically get everything back to “normal”.

    Not gonna happen. We basically told the dems in the last election that they can steal any election they want and we won’t do anything about it. In fact, if anyone on “our side” does try to take direct action, we’ll throw them under the bus in a heartbeat, just like we did the Jan 6 “armed insurrectionists” who were neither armed, nor engaged in insurrection.

    The problem is, comfortable people have to be made VERY uncomfortable before they’ll rouse themselves to any kind of real action. But by that time, it will be way too late to reverse.

  3. I’ll agree that reversal at the national level is a fantasy, as is accomlishing anything beyond strictly local results with a ballot box; I will not agree that a more limited application of a reversal process cannot be accomplished. A cluster of states, I believe, could affect sufficient change to – mostly – disconnect from what is a severely dysfunctional and corupt federal leviathan.

    As for making “comfortable people uncomfortable”….sheep have two speeds: graze and stampede. Wolves, on the other hand…….

  4. I’d love to see a cluster of states form a center of resistance. I’d move there in a heartbeat. I’ve actually been looking for some land in a more free state to A) have somewhere to flee if things get really bad really quickly (as is very possible) and B) a place I can retire to where I’ll hopefully be mostly left alone in my dotage.

    My choice right now is TN, but I can update that as needed if a better “center of gravity” for resistance against overbearing/unconstitutional federal government emerges.

    Actually, Florida’s looking pretty good right now, but I can’t make up my mind whether it’s location makes it vulnerable (too easy to cut off from the rest of the country) or defensible (land approaches only to the North)…plus it’s only good right now because of the current Governor, the state’s population is hardly a solid bastion of the right…but which one is? Pretty much any state with a large city in it is going to have a large contingent of leftists residing there.

    Urbanization begats dependency. Dependency begats leftism.

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