Nope, no voter fraud

It’s good to see someone else validating what I’ve been saying since November:

So if you are an election fraud perp, what would you do? Double down! Yes, you would, you know you would.

Fraud is a constant. What we saw in 2020 is going to happen in 2022 and 2024 in a very big way. Maybe bigger since there are no constraints.

It is here the team made their most startling prediction.

The data from 2020 are strong enough to predict exactly where the most egregious fraud is going to happen and how it is going to happen.

I think that all those pundits predicting huge gains for Republicans in the house and Senate in 2022 are deluding themselves and any hope of ever winning a national election again is a pipe dream.

We let them get away with it. They’re never going to stop, and now they have control over the very institutions that would need to investigate and prosecute them so what are the odds of that happening? They’re immune from consequences and they know it.

We’re not going to be voting ourselves out of this mess. I’d like to say that it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but I’m afraid that last part is a wish. It’s not going to get better.

“…I agree to this Constitution with all its faults, if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other. I doubt, too, whether any other Convention we can obtain may be able to make a better Constitution.”
–Benjamin Franklin

When the people become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other. Welcome to 21st century America.


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