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In response to my last “It’s a feature – not a bug” post, Robert said:

Both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have gotten a lot of grief from the black community over their use of the words “super predators” which is a law enforcement concept dating to the Clinton administration, and refers to a small number of offenders who commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes and property crimes, and that, by locking them up, the overall crime rate is affected in an equally disproportionate manner. Blacks purposely misconstrue “super predators” to refer to black offenders only and use it as a bludgeon to deter politicians from writing laws that put more black men behind bars, deserving or no.

I started this as a reply on that post, but it quickly became a full-blown rant and post-worthy on it’s own so I decided to move it to the main page.

Yes, that was before the democrat party went full leftist and still had some centrist positions.

Of course Bill and Hillary were and are purely political animals, they would have taken any position they needed to in order to get elected, but at the time, crime rates were high and society was getting pretty sick of it, so they took the “tough on crime” tack.

It’s almost funny because part of the reason they even came up with the term “Super Predators” was an attempt to downplay the fact that the crime rate among blacks is significantly higher than any other demographic group in the US. They were basically saying “yes, it’s true that blacks commit a disproportionate number of the crimes in this country, but it’s not ALL blacks, it’s just a few of these ‘super predators’ that commit most of the crimes and give the black community a bad name.”

At the time, that was a popular sentiment even amongst blacks. But in this day and age where everything you say is taken out of context and applied in ways it was never intended to be so, it’s a major scandal that they would have said such terrible things.

Of course, that’s part of the leftist’s game plan as well and it’s still all about engendering fear in the populace. That’s pretty much what it all boils down to: generating fear. They claim to want “diversity” but what they really want is everyone concentrating on things like race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, etc to the point where society is stratified along those lines. They’ve pretty much succeeded in that stratification and now they’re pitting those groups against each other. Women against men, blacks against whites, hispanics against blacks, blacks against asians, everyone against jews, straights against gays, transgenders against lesbians, etc etc etc etc….it never ends. They foment hatred amongst the groups and hatred breeds fear.

Look at what’s going on with the Asian attacks. It’s leftists and blacks that are attacking Asians…look where those attacks are happening: not in Mayberry. But the leftist media is blaming “white supremacists” even though they’ve had nothing to do with it. Stoking anger, fomenting hatred, engendering fear. That’s what they do because that’s how they seize and maintain power.

And then, ironically, they project all those tactics and traits onto the right.


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