So much for Citizen Free Press

I happened upon Citizen Free Press a while back when looking for an alternative to Drudge when he went full Trump Derangement Syndrome (never go full Trump Derangement Syndrome).

I’ve actually linked to their content several times and I’ve been pretty happy with their content; the only real complaint I’ve had is that they insist on embedding youtube videos into their content even when the videos are available on alternative sites.  Providing support to the enemy isn’t really a good way to fight a battle.

But then the other day all that changed.

They posted an article about the 65 year old woman in Texas who was “tackled and arrested for not wearing a mask in a bank”.

It really annoys me when I see outlets on the right engaging in exactly the kind of subterfuge that the left engages in and projects onto us.  We really don’t need to prove them right, but that’s exactly what this incident did.

The fact is, the woman was not “tackled” and she was not arrested for refusing to wear a mask.

She entered a private establishment that required masks.  They asked her to put on a mask, she refused.  They then asked her to leave, she again refused.  As soon as they asked her to leave and she refused she was trespassing.

The cops weren’t called because she wasn’t wearing a mask, the cops were called because she was trespassing.

The cop arrived.  I’ll grant you that he was not exactly nice or kind to her and could have handled the situation with a bit more professionalism, but she didn’t handle the situation calmly and reasonably either.  She was belligerent and combative and he was well within his authority for everything he did.  She was breaking the law.  He was enforcing it.

He first asked her to leave.  She refused.  He then tried to reason with her.  She argued with him and still refused to leave.  After trying for several minutes to convince her to leave, and her becoming more and more belligerent, he finally started basically herding her toward the door.  At one point she put her hands on him.  It’s hard to tell because her hands left the frame of the camera when she reached out…she may have just pushed him, or she may have been reaching for his equipment belt, it’s hard to tell, but either way, as soon as she put her hands on him, she was guilty of assaulting a police officer.

That’s when the cop placed her under arrest.  Then she struggled and resisted about as aggressively as any 65 year old woman could be expected to, so he took her to the ground in order to get the cuffs on her.  There was no tackle.

So, she wasn’t arrested for not wearing a mask and the officer was very clear about the fact that he wasn’t there because of a mask violation.  She was arrested for assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and trespassing.

If she hadn’t laid hands on the cop, there’s a very good chance he would have let her go on her way after getting her out of the bank.

The claim that she was arrested for not wearing a mask is fake news and it annoys the crap out of me to see the right wing media engaging in it.  That’s what the left does.  When our side does it, we give them cover for their claim that it’s actually our side that does this rather than theirs.

If you were being attacked and the bad guy said “hey, I didn’t bring any bullets” would you give him some of yours?  How stupid is it for us to give them ammunition to use against us?

At any rate, I posted a comment on CFP calling them out for this.

Granted, pretty much all the right wing outlets at which I found this story treated it in the same way and with the same false spin, so I would have let it go at that.

I got the expected indignant replies from other readers who were determined to make this about the mask rather than the trespassing.  Most of them were pretty civil (which is definitely not what I would expect on a left-wing site, so there’s that) but disagreed with me vehemently.

I have no complaint with that.  I expected people to disagree with me, that’s kind of the nature of political arguments.  What happened next, though, I didn’t expect:

I replied to several of the comments clarifying my position and providing more detail.

When I went back today to see if anyone had further replied to me, I found that all but one of my replies had been deleted.

I can handle CFP spinning the story the same way pretty much every other right wing outlet did, even if it was a false spin.  Most people are sheep and just go along with the crowd and I can hardly fault them for being human.

But deleting comments, some of which took me a good while to put together, explaining and detailing my position in a civil, respectful and reasonable way, was a bridge too far.

You won’t be seeing me posting links to any Citizen Free Press content in the future as I won’t be visiting their site.  I’m done with them.


57 thoughts on “So much for Citizen Free Press

  1. They are often sensationalistic and link to non-credible sources. If you can read between all of that, then they do provide a good source of info.

    • Have to agree
      They do censor users
      Started out as a good site – but quickly becoming just as bad as all of the others.
      I dont think they will last much longer because Kane is letting others run the site

      • Agree. Many of my comments have been deleted especially when I’ve criticized Kane’s adulterated posts (CFP owner-operator) or I’ve posted items which Kane has overlooked. Dumped CFP altogether when it was discovered the site is as bogus as any false conservative or lefty outlet.

    • This site is run by one person. Kane. He is the decider. He is directly responsible for the comment section
      He must be unbalanced after keeping insane hours for so long. He has an ego. He enjoys the power of silencing people. He is a sports fan and backs Ukraine. I think that is how I got booted. I am not a backer of the war. It appears to be a proxy war of choice by the US.

      • I concur with all stated below. Comment and chain were vaporized, veiled threat in a new posting. He gets all of the info (opinions, psychology, references, mindset), and we get a controlled, packaged narrative.

        • Amiss, yeppers. The psyops , big time, but that’s what is so hillarious and therefore obvious. Laughable. Channeling my inner Rosaanne Rosanna Danna, what a teeny tiny tiny teeny teeny tiny tiny teeny drop of flaccid. These petty tyrants, I was fooled at first, like I was fooled by the dem establishment , I’m a 180, awakened. Petty tyrants. Btw, unless he’s got fuck you money, how does he pay the bills ?sponsor free , if not FYM, who pays his bills? And what a “victim” he is working 24/7 to save our deplorable souls. Without $$$ wow, first human to survive without cheddar. Is this some new variety of dietary veagnizm , , literally living off of air and clicks, nothing more? Citizen Kane, you magnificent .amberson.

  2. I completely agree regarding CFP. Whenever I post anything referring to the Khazarian mafia, Great reset, NWO, the satanic ritual abuse that is going on in government and Hollywood they would delete me. This info is important as it makes people aware so they do their own research and WAKE UP. I noticed first they would not post some of my replies. They keep disappearing. Now, everything that I post automatically gets rejected. I have called Dane out on this numerous times but it just never posts. I think he is controlled opposition. I think he spins stories to enrage the right to cause further division and help to create the chaos that will help to usher in the great reset. He obviously is not being forthright. I enjoy reading the comments as it gives me a good idea of what people know and what they are feeling. But CFP is not our friend, and may be the enemy.

    • I am being blocked from commenting. Never once posted anything that was threatening or profane. Mostly Bible verses. Strange indeed for a “conservative” site. More to them than meets the eye.

      • I also got blocked.
        Cannot figure out why, was really disappointed to see it from this site. I did not use any vulgar language etc.
        I am conservative, but often criticize Fox and GOP politicians for the falsities— is that sufficient to get banned?
        They are definitely NOT Free Press

    • I have run into the same issues, thought a good aggregate site, but was a bit taken aback by their hardcore anti muslin posts which often were bordering violent not censored, ok, free speech, some also anti Jew, . II’d posted hundreds smart ass one liners and a few longer posts on vararing topics, up until I started posting Kalergi Plan, then I got warned, , having been banned from other private owened sites on past, if I mentioned THAT again, I,m banned. Sure nuff, I’ve been banned can I say it again here? KALGERI PLAN
      eVEVERY one should read about the KALGERI PLAN

      • Ditto for me. If I post it will appear. If I refresh it is gone. If I thumb up something I see the number increase. Refresh and it is gone. Never spammed, never linked to anything, never cursed or incited anything. But shadow banned nonetheless. So now I assume, just more controlled opposition.

          • Oh Europe, sheesh , ground zero, y’all still awash in monarchy participation, push comes to shove.. Spain, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, England, Belgium, eg. Notice how no east European former soviet countries listed,. My list isn’t perfect, Hungary is …..interesting, love me some some carpathian hugging nationalities. Nudge nudge wink wink, blind bats, smoothies davos

      • Also banned without warning. Used to get scores of up votes for comments. Kazarisn posts got the most positive feedback. Then…. Banned. Even using new handles and emails—same result. Something is definitely fishy with “Kane”.

        • He bans your IP address as well as your email address. The secret is that he’s using Word Press in the background. It might not be you — If you’re using phony email addresses. It may be that they just cannot contact you.

          Nonetheless, it’s not FREE nor for American CITIZENS who enjoy free speech rights.

  3. Nope.

    CFP is far better than any of the MSM sites.

    Freedom of speech especially political speech is sort of the point of America.

    CFP is the ultimate in free speech. Most websites, especially left leaning ones, don’t even have a comments section.

    I wouldn’t ditch CFP because of one heated discussion.

    • I wouldn’t ditch them because of a heated discussion either. I enjoy a good discussion, even heated ones.

      I wouldn’t have even ditched them for ignoring me.

      What I ditched them for was for hiding their shame by deleting my comments.

      If I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong and why, I’ll be happy to debate it and you may even change my mind, but just deleting my comment tells me they’re cowards who don’t have the courage to defend their positions, or the honesty to own up to it when they’re wrong.

      I’m not patronizing that sort of place and I don’t care which direction their politics lean.

      • I agree with you, I got blocked and still cannot figure out why. One thing I suspect is —One time I made a post that referred to “moderators” it was immediately flagged as awaiting moderation and shortly after that I was totally blocked. I believe they took it as being critical of the site or it’s monitors— if they read my post— I was CLEARLY referring to moderators if the last presidential debates.
        They also might have banned me for being critical of Fox News. “Kane” used to work at Fox and is obviously sympathetic to their on air personalities.
        They’re not all they purport to be.

      • @OldSailor…CFP is definitely controlled opposition and probably more (three-letter psyop).

        I started getting banned years ago when I called out the site and majority of commenters for their globalist support of Brian Kemp during his initial campaign for Governor. I got into heated debates with site minions (probably agents). It is easy to continue commenting (creating new fake user names and email addresses while switching VPN regions), but, honestly, it gets old because the majority of commenters are as clueless and idiotic as the “leftists” that they complain about. They’re all on the same team, they just don’t know it.

  4. CFP comment section is a joke compared to say zerohedge were you can voice just about anything and they don’t delete. CFP just got banned by youtube, but why are they even on that liberal site or twitter or facebook?! They hate liberals, but yet fully try to do their business with them. CFP is no better than any other fake MSM site, they want to control the narrative and not let people freely express themselves…that’s fake at it’s best.

    • To that end CFP also is no different than any MSM site, they are only in it for the MONEY…and truly don’t care about the outcome so much as they make MONEY in the process.

    • you aren’t wrong
      CFP deletes a massive amount of comments.

      The proprietor, KANE, bans a ton of IP’s every day for saying things he disagrees with. The site is, frankly, a joke.

    • Mine too. And when you’re out, you’re out with no recourse. There’s no place to appeal. It’s not Citizens FREE Press.

  5. They pull the exact same crap that the Marxists pull. There is nothing “free” with “Citizen Free Press”. My crime was pointing out that their headline was wrong when it said, “13 Marines Killed in Afghanistan”. Details matter. It wasn’t 13 Marines. They instantly yanked my comment, which was critical of their sloppy headline. They are every bit as bad as “The Hill” or “ABC News”. They should change their name to “Citizen Censured Press”.

  6. So I found you here because the very same thing happened to me 3 days ago, I was posting all kinds of stuff and have been for about 2 years now, nothing vulgar or threatening, just some good links to conspiracy type stuff that I think people should know. (like everyone there does) It seems I may have crossed and unwritten line.
    Everything was going smooth, then 3 days ago, I put up a post with 4 links to free pdf books, The Deliberate Dumbing down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt Thompson
    None Dare Call It Treason and the follow up 25years later, both by John Stormer
    and None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen, all free PDF links online and good books.
    First, I noticed that the post disappeared, and thinking it was a glitch, I tried to repost it, so after spending another half hour relinking the books, the second post was gone upon refresh.
    I posted those posts from my home pc, then later, I used an Ipad (that I use for work with a totally different net service) to post another comment on a different post, I got a wild hair and refreshed just to see and it stuck, different ip but same user name, at the time, So I went on posting thru the day thinking all was well. Then I went back to check a response to one of them, and noticed I was gone again on the ipad, I made up a new name, got another few posts to stick with several of them asking why I was getting deleted. One of which was a direct reply to one of Kane’s posts, so he should have seen it, I’m pretty sure he gets a message when he gets a reply, I told him what my normal username was, asked what was happening, nicely, then poof, like a fart in the wind, my post was gone, and his remained, with no response. Now, I know computers do strange things sometimes, and I am no expert, but it sure did appear intentional like he had no response.
    Giving the benefit of the doubt, I figured that maybe he was having a bad day and just did not want to deal with me? or he had bigger problems? I’m thinking, maybe I was not the only one, as I would have no way to know if there was other site problems or something, and maybe he was fixing it, I was trying to think happy thoughts and be nice.
    Now the 3rd day of it, having changed user names, email addresses, IP addresses, and devices, I get auto deleted with everything, like he has banned both IPs from both devices, no matter what name or email I use, no explanation, no reply, no way to contact him and ask WTF?
    So I searched and found you guys and another site that says the same thing happened to others there, Just ignored and ran out without a response or reason.
    Now after some reading about others in the same boat, I am losing faith in Kane, and may soon be convinced that what Warrior of the light posted above may very well be correct and true.
    I hope not, but its looking that way. It makes me want to warn others there, that they may be in danger of getting suckered in like a January sixth peaceful protester. I hope its not that bad, but my conspiratorial mind goes to the worst, is he a CIA psyop? Kane is and always has been pretty secretive about his identity, he may very well be worse than the Q psyop leading good people astray.

    I hope I’m wrong, and I plan to still try a few things to keep posting, but I will be quite a bit more guarded in doing so.

    Thanks for giving me a place to vent.

    • It’s good to know that I wasn’t over-reacting, even though I’m not happy that an ostensibly right wing site does these types of things. The more we can get the word out, the better.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Btw, there are multiple ways to track you on the internet.
      email, browser type, IP address, and last of all, your Network MAC ID address.

      so even if you use your real IP or not, most people do not do a random MAC ID spoof.

      and FYI under the anonymity of the internet, you may NEVER know who really runs and admin a website like CFP.

      He should be a CIA PsyOps agitprop agent for all you know.
      That happened at the Jan 6 crap meeting as the FBI has dozens of agents in the crowd.

  7. I found this forum because like others here, their comments keeps getting deleted.
    4 days ago I posted several comments on several topics. but by the evening as I checked on the latest updates and comments, I noticed my comments were not present.
    I thought to myself “Did I actually post it, or I only thought I had posted it?”
    Over the next 4 days, the very same thing kept occurring.
    Yesterday I only post a single sentence on a topic as a control experiment and then I hit the refresh button. 4 hours later it was still there (I’m thinking they have a word count macro running), but at the 6-hour mark, it disappeared.

    The same thing happened today.

  8. Here is an update and observation for today 10/831/2022
    I posted a lengthy comment on an article (about 200 words) and upon immediately submitting my comments, I hit the refresh button, and viola, the comment disappeared!

    I then decided to disable my VPN and posted comments on 2 other articles.
    just a few words in each of them. Did the same refresh on the page, the comments are still there.

    Maybe I have uncovered a VPN blocking system here?

    • That’s good info, and it’s possible you’re onto at least part of the issue, but I don’t generally use a VPN from my home network so that’s not what happened to me.

      Plus, my comments were up for a while before they came down…long enough for several people to reply to them and for me to respond to their replies, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t some automated system that removed my comments, it was a moderator who didn’t like the points I was making.

  9. I have had similar experiences at CFP.

    If you call out the head honcho there who calls himself Kane (presumably as in “Citizen Kane”) he’ll delete your comments so they disappear after posting for a moment or two.

    I once commented on a story asking him if he is paid by any sites (such as ESPN or any of the Main Sewer Media sites such as MSNBC, ABC, etc.) to post links to their pages (and therefore deliver his sizable audience) even though their Web sites are anathema to his “CFP Nation.”

    That evidently got me banned.

    BTW . . . “Patriotism is the last refuge of a conservative-talking New Media scoundrel.”

  10. Yep. My IP banned for stating the obvious.
    Stating things the “story” does not address. Stating things none of the media repeating the same talking point are not saying which would lead to a solution or actual resolution to the issue. Was fun for a while. Even tempting to vent.
    Turns out cfp is just another woke cog in the wheel. Too bad. That freedom of speech thing worked pretty good for a long time!

  11. Citizen Free Press instantly deletes all my comments.
    Censorship sucks.
    Citizen Free Press sucks because they censor their readers.
    They’re just like Facebook and Twitter

  12. I agree. CFP is bad about deleting posts they don’t agree with, topics they don’t like or some unknown reason. They censor more than left wing sites.

  13. Did the same to me a week ago. Wasn’t an ugly post, but received a sparky post under my post. I responded accordingly, and it’s all still out there. Subsequent posts were shadow banned. After reading this thread, I’m convinced I’m in good company. I’ve relayed my experiences and this thread to several friends.

  14. I was blocked for agreeing with Putin and not the human trafficking capital of the world. Citizens Free Press is a joke. Just like Drudge and Fox. Newsmax was just outed for taking biden cash to push the vax. Seems Truth Social will be the ONLY site to trust.

  15. Despite being a reader and posting fore about 2 years now, I, too, have apparently banned at CFP.

    Unlike others, I wholly admit to the use of vulgarity, which often times, can be the best language to describe a particular situation or human emotion. I have also used another 3 letter word to describe a small group of people that I believe, after careful observation and consideration of the facts and evidence, control many of the levers of power throughout the world – others certainly may not agree, but this is my view.

    That said, Freedom of the Press is just that – the freedom to set forth one’s views regardless of their offensive nature and/or the freedom to use any language to express a thought or human emotion, again, even if offensive. Absent that, there can be no true discourse.

    Seems CFP has forgotten the maxim:

    “While I may not agree with what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it.

  16. They have now done this to me twice with me noticing a second email is now blocked for posting. The first time all I did was use foul language from their post and quoting it in my post. Today I have no idea why the second email was blocked. Clearly this Kane clown has a tyrant steak.

  17. CFP blocks me from posting ANYTHING now. The most controversial thing I’ve ever posted was a Bible verse. But Jesus did say, “When they reject you, they are in reality, rejecting me”. Way to go CFP. is my go-to now for accurate conservative news and commentary, without a shred of click-bait or hype.

    • I put a reply earlier, but yours is most recent, I too jphave been banned from CFP for simply encouraging thoughtful people to read up on the KALERGI PLAN,,,,,,,for an anti globalist, Kane, seemed a tad sensitive to ban a call out the deep sheep and can’t have it posted on the site, makes you go hhhmmmmm

    • ZeroHedge is now mine as well. It was weaselzippers until they went all Drudge. Then Gateway Pundit but that’s getting bad. And now CFP deletes my comments. I swear I’m not a jerk to ppl. And I don’t even curse on there. I don’t get it.

  18. I have had comments delayed, deleted and CHANGED. Citizen Free Press is actually WORSE than Twitter because Kane packages the narrative with comments and then deletes/changes ANYTHING that would counter his intended narrative. The USA is in a place where mass psychosis is nearly completely polarized now.

  19. They delete every comment a make. Even when it’s literally benign as can be. It happens immediately after I post it.

  20. So much moving shaking , since last post, so many cooinkidinks in the timelines, in real time. Georgia primaries, et al, results broadcast interrupted by shooting incident which 3 days later is such an info fork fest, hhhmmmmm. Wef and who at same time . The number of and alacrity of the shiny objects being hurled forth is what is , in the bigger pic, should be extra disturbing and alarming. The monsters are forcing the sane to metaphorically step over the fallen, the corpses, to keep moving , keep fighting. Don’t take the psyops bait, get lost in Texas, like the Joads, we must keep moving to survive. Many however are damaged for life, real PTSD, not AOC,s, 1-6 eg, phony selfish grandiose Instagram tikkkktok puke. Boy oh boy, and not xy, is there rotting in davos, some in Denmark, what the child hath rothed. Rocks a feller to the core. Flood Gates open, all bats Shii ly off, inoculate yourself from the chimps and chumps, epochs upon us all?

  21. I found this site because the very same things have been happening to me. I don’t even know when I started getting banned because there is no warning or anything. It actually looks like your posts go through but they don’t. Anybody that’s too self-important to tell you he banned you is not worth wasting your time commenting anyway. Since then, I’ve also noticed that he definitely has an “agenda”. Now that I see this is common practice for him, I’ll be looking for another news aggregator.

    • Yeppers, see reply below, me too months ago, …. For real in all truthiness, as much as I think I can not so much pick a side but just get a ride on for survival , the pendulum swing, and it is a moral ethical point ok for me to jump on, seems a glitch and I’m not so sure, can’t figure it out, but ride we must , I’m not a trillionare, I’m poorish , sucks balls

  22. Citizens Free Press is perhaps an elaborate “honey pot” run by the DHS, FBI, etc. They censor comments and practice shadow-banning on anyone who dares suggest they are not on the level….

    • Yet ba non still supports, where I am so confused, who really is managing the decline, circles and circles and circles of decceit, ????? I’m not sure who to believe for immediate or for long, my little wagon languishes for THE star………wish I needn’t a star at all other than my own , but life has taught me otherwise

    • Definitely a honeypot. Even google supports CFP. Try searching “citizenfreepress sucks” or something like that and you’ll get pages of links to CFP but anything independent and critical, like this article, will be on page 5 or further back.
      CFP only writes bombastic headlines and then links to twitster or embeds yoo-toob while claiming to do it all for free.
      With all the people trying to find out who Kane really is, I find it hard to believe no one has yet cracked the facade and doxxed Kane. Such security takes a lot of misdirection and cooperation with big tech and I just can’t believe all the tech giants would be so happy to protect something that isn’t a tool in their own arsenal. I’ve also noticed that as VPNs get more secure and less crackable, CFP seems to be auto-deleting anything from either TOR exit nodes or encrypted VPNs.
      And to conclude my rant, based on behaviors, I think “Kane” is female. That’s not a dig, just an observation.

  23. Economy Worst half since 70. air travel, military navy esp pilot pipeline, mandatory vaccine disaster,. For better , perhaps, we are now entering full on in SHTF, , isn’t that special. Satan? …..(carvey ref for the youngsters)……..sigh, and my neighborhood has developed an extreme rat infestation because of fed money to instal “raingardens” as opposed to charging the apartment (ran tiers hedge fund) pay for the appripriate sewage infrastructure. Rats run amok in now in my neighborhood. Rats. All day, rats, everywhere. Suburb of capital city in Ohio. All day rats. And oh, btw, it’s the residents fault , cause we grow flowers, vegetables, have a bird feeder or try to compost properly. Oops our bad, we didn’t fork with the sewer system, drive them all above ground , create cover with “rain gardens” fed epa bullsht, a thicket of vegetative Dollywood , where the hump and pump out pups by the hundreds. Sigh

  24. Ty Supreme Court, EPA first shot at the administrative state, aka, the deep state, aka the monarchy, aka the empire , otherwise known as evil

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