Coming soon, to an America near you

In the not to distant future, when cops just sit out crime calls for fear of being doxxed, protested, arrested and jailed for doing their jobs, this is what I imagine “justice in America” will look like:

A sex attacker had his penis and testicles hacked off and fed to wild pigs in a revenge attack after he allegedly attempted to rape his niece in Brazil.

Crude and brutal, but I bet that guy (is he still a guy or is he now transgender?) won’t ever be trying to rape anyone again.

That’s the kind of “justice” that an established police department and well working judicial system is designed to prevent. When the judicial system abdicates its duty by refusing to keep criminals away from society and the police are under constant threat of prosecution for performing theirs, the people will have no alternative but to seek justice on their own, and it won’t be pretty.


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