More Black Privilege

I know this is older news being from the ancient times of a couple of weeks ago, and most likely everyone’s moved on to the outrage de jour, but I just ran across it so I thought it was worth mentioning.

We have cops being called murderers for using legitimate deadly force to save someone’s life.

And we have this guy:

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has dropped charges against a man who was arrested in connection with last month’s attack on an elderly Asian man in San Francisco.

Grayson is allegedly heard in the video background saying “I hate Asians.”

District Attorney Chesa Boudin said he dropped the charges in favor of having Grayson go through a city justice program.

Apparently, Asian bashing is only a hate crime when a white supremacist (defined as anyone who’s skin tone is more pale than “olive”) is accused of it. When blacks are involved, it’s just a pat on the head and an admonition to “go forth and sin no more”.

Granted, Grayson wasn’t the one actually doing the bashing, he was just a cheerleader who “hate[s] Asians”, but if someone named Billy Joe Jim Bob was charged under similar circumstances I wonder if a city diversion program would be deemed sufficient.

Somehow I doubt it.

All that hand-wringing about Asians being assaulted sure got real quiet when the media discovered the uncomfortable fact that it wasn’t white MAGA supporters doing the assaulting, didn’t it?

By the way: I wonder if San Francisco’s had any luck in figuring out why their crime rate has been skyrocketing over the past few years?


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