More internet censorship

When I initially set up the links to social media that you can see on the left and at the bottom of each post, I included Reddit because I believed that the platform was resisting the efforts of “big tech” to control the narrative and promote the leftist worldview.

I was incorrect.

According to tech censorship watchdog Reclaim the Net, Rumble is facing domain-level censorship on Reddit, similarly to how the platform censored BitChute, another alternative video platform, last year.

Actually, I didn’t know that Reddit was already censoring Bitchute, or I would have never included their link to begin with.

Now that I know, I’ve removed those links and I would request that my content not be shared on that site. My preference would be for all conservatives to stop engaging and patronizing all of the “big tech” sites that engage in such blatant censorship, but I have no control over the actions of others, only my own. I will not support, in any way, a tech company that hates me and would love nothing more than to silence people who share my viewpoints. So. the Reddit link is gone.


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