No more Good Samaritans

I completely agree with Miguel:

I cannot risk having a mob come after my family because I did something to save a life that some butt-hurt “internet influencer” found despicable. Suddenly I am the most hated person in the world and have people coming after to exact whatever deluded brand of vengeful justice they think I deserve.

I used to criticize people just standing around and doing nothing when someone nearby is in need…especially in a violent confrontation.

Not any more. Miguel has hit it on the head. The incident in Ohio completely confirms it. We’ve had an issue for a long time with people getting sued for trying to be helpful. Or stopping to help someone on the side of the road and getting robbed for their trouble. Now even the cops can’t intervene to save someone’s life without being called a murderer.

The mob is insane and it will destroy you on a whim.

No more. I take care of myself and my family. That’s my responsibility. You and your family are your responsibility.

A dog eat dog, every man for himself world is an unkind and often brutal place to live, but that’s the world our society has created. We’ve proven ourselves completely incapable of changing it, so I guess we now just have to live in it as best we can.


2 thoughts on “No more Good Samaritans

  1. I live 50 miles from where the Zimmerman trial was held. I watched 90% or more of it, and began then to change my intentions about self-defense and first aid for injured strangers. Before that it was defend and assist all.

    I am lucky in the sense that only I and my spouse are the only family within hundreds of miles. The decision has evolved since the trial to the point that I will defend only the two of us and aid afterward will likely follow the same guideline.

    All because I am not willing to spend the rest of my life paying lawyers to help me keep what I have and physically defending from people who enjoy violence for its own sake.

    We are no longer A priority. We are THE priority.

  2. While back, in casual conversation, it was mentioned that since I carry The Tool and also have an IFAK plus other stuff “it would be good to go to the same stores/places when you do.”

    I said why? if things suddenly get sporty I’m un-assing the joint at the speed of dark (Terry Pratchett reference). The majority of people there are: over 21, so they’re eligible to buy, become permitted and carry The Tool; advanced first aid and life saving training is available to everyone, as are the necessary supplies for same; training and expertise development with The Tool is also available; they arrived at the location fed, clothed and in their own vehicle, demonstrating at least moderate life management skills; and, most important, They Are Not Me or Mine, for whom I have duty to protect and aid.

    The risk has become too great for extending one’s skill set beyond those for whom one that That Duty; there will always be that one rectal sphincter (usually, a bunch of them) who will take offense, real or imagined, in anything that happens, or exists, outside their personal mental universe, and they are more vicious and destructive then the most violent, rapacious viking ever was.

    You’re on your own, sport, prepare accordingly.

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