Our road is dangerous

We live on a fairly busy 4 lane city street. The speed limit is 35mph as it’s a residential area, but recently, it’s become more and more dangerous. We’ve always had issues with people driving too fast, but recently it’s been young people in sports cars or on motorcycles racing or showing off and coming off the light a couple blocks down as fast as they can.

This happened Wednesday right before I got home from Baseball practice with my grandson (watch the upper middle area):

That video is from one of our security cameras and it only caught the tail end of it so we can’t see the cause, but if you watch it again, you might notice a blue Mustang screaming by just before the SUV flies across the median and crashes through the across-the-road neighbor’s fence.

My guess is that either they were racing from the light and the SUV lost control, or the Mustang did something aggressive that made the SUV lose control.

Note the family walking their dog right in front of our house when the Mustang goes screaming by right next to them. That Mustang was probably going 60 or 70 mph within inches of that family. Even with our 4k resolution video system we couldn’t get a good still of the plate of that mustang because it was going so fast the stills from the video were too blurry.

Also, the across-the-road neighbor (a nice family by the way) who’s yard the SUV ended up in has two dogs that spend a lot of time in that yard during the day. It’s a miracle one or both of them weren’t killed.

I’ve lived in our house for a long time (like multiple decades) and there’s always been an issue with people driving too fast on that road, but it’s really started getting ridiculous lately. That’s the second crash in that exact location within about a month. The first one resulted in the car hitting one of those small trees in the median and breaking in two. The driver in that one died. Because the car didn’t make it across the median in that one, we didn’t catch any of it on our video. Can you imagine how fast you have to be going to hit a tree and split your car in two? In a 35mph zone.

With that in mind, I haven’t seen our city’s cops running traffic enforcement for a long time. Used to see them pretty regularly sitting the side streets with radar guns, but not for probably two years or so. It’s like they’ve just given up. Or maybe the number of people willing to work as Police Officers has just gotten so low, they don’t have the manpower for it.

At any rate, even more motivation to get our refuge in the undisclosed location ready for occupation.

By the way, that’s moving along. We still haven’t gotten final approval for the loan or closed the deal yet, but we’re at the point where it looks like it’s a done deal at this point, just waiting for all the T’s to be crossed and I’s to be dotted.


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