Segregated Policing

The answer to this is obvious.

It’s tragic, but everything I see in this video indicates it was a legally justified use of lethal force. Yet we have people saying things like this:

[series of twitter posts outlining how evil the Ohio cop was for defending an unarmed girl’s life by using deadly force against the armed girl who was trying to kill her]

White cops should probably just stay out of black neighborhoods or refuse to respond to calls involving blacks. When you can save a young black girl’s life and still be decried as a horrible, evil, terrible person, it’s just not worth it anymore.

If the cop works in a department that requires them to respond when called, show up at the scene and be a good witness. Stand off to the side, let it play out and then dutifully mark where the bodies ended up after it’s all over. Don’t get involved, don’t render aid, don’t do anything until it’s all over with because if you involve yourself in any way, they’ll find a way to make you the bad guy.

The sad thing is, I feel like it’s probably a minority of blacks with these kinds of attitudes, but they’ll all suffer the consequences for the ridiculous actions of a few.

The bottom line is, were I a cop, I’d be vigorously pursuing alternate employment opportunities right now, and, in the meantime, I’d be very, very hesitant to get involved in any type of situation involving blacks.

After I retired from the Military, I actually applied to be a cop at a local PD. I wasn’t selected (perhaps because I didn’t fit the demographic profile they were looking for?) and ended up getting a good job in a field I enjoy so never tried again.

I cannot express how glad I am that I dodged that bullet.


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