Chinese Flu cases

This stuff just cracks me up.

According to Axios, the number of Chinese Wuhan Kung Flu cases has dropped off in recent months solely because of the vaccine.

Coronavirus infections in the U.S. are now at their lowest levels in seven months, thanks to the vaccines.

Here’s the chart they provided to prove their point:

Clearly the reduction must be caused by the vaccine, because that curve is completely unlike the natural ebb and flow of other viruses, like, say the flu right?

Nope, that couldn’t POSSIBLY be just the natural course of a flu-like virus at the onset of summer could it?

Of course, even as they try to convince us that, were it not for the vaccine, we’d be awash in cases and the night soil men would be roaming the streets in the mornings with their barrows crying “bring out your dead”, they’re simultaneously telling us that we haven’t nearly reached herd immunity yet, that people who’ve gotten the vaccine still need to wear an edict compliance device over their face and nose like good little sheep and that if certain states run by evil Republicans keep graciously granting us permission to exercise the God given liberty protected by the Constitution that we’re surely all going to die.

What’s scary about the whole thing is how many people just mindlessly follow along and accept the obvious gaslighting as revealed truth.

This nation is in deep doodoo.


1 thought on “Chinese Flu cases

  1. “This nation is in deep doodoo.”

    Much deeper than most are aware of. Much deeper.

    And, as America goes, so does the rest of the planet. That will come as a very huge surprise to a great many people.

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