It’s a feature, not a bug

Unexpected job numbers:

Economic forecasters had predicted one million job gains in April. The actual results are “stunningly” and “unexpectedly” far below the expectations.

I refuse to believe that the people who come up with the policies that lead to results like these don’t know exactly what they’re doing.

You cannot tell me that educated, intelligent people can make it all the way to late adulthood without having picked up the slightest bit of common sense or grasped even the most basic tenets of human nature. They know exactly what they’re doing. Destroying the economy is a feature, not a bug.

You cannot convince a safe, secure, economically stable people to cede their liberty voluntarily. And as long as the American people are properly armed, they have no chance to take it by force. Therefore, they must ensure that the people are NOT safe, secure and economically stable. They must engender as much fear and dependency as possible, then the people will cry out to them for salvation and, in return will offer up their liberty without a fight.

By the way, I’m so old, I can remember back before the pandemic, when the Trump economy was going gangbusters, and every jobs and economic growth report that came out was always “unexpectedly” better than anticipated. I just have to wonder if the media really is stupid enough to just eat up whatever they’re spoonfed by their masters on the left, or if the whole “unexpected” thing is just a part of the ploy. I don’t see what’s gained by predicting things that don’t happen, but I’m not in the habit of planning out a people’s downfall, so there may be some element I’m not thinking of.


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  1. I’ve wondered about the same thing; if one reaches numerical adulthood in a society, there should be at least a minimal-to-moderate awareness of “how stuff works,” and that knowledge (“knowledge” being a different quality from “understanding”) should, at least, compete to some degree with attempted external indoctrination. Perhaps not overcome it, but be cause for some degree of examination and rumination.

    Such seems to not be the case.

    Conspiracy theories are two dozen for a dollar, but I suspect in our current circumstances they are, partially at least, accurate, aided and abetted by deliberately inflicted misinformation from The Opposition’s foot soldiers. And, while Privates and Corporals exist to follow orders from Generals and Field Marshalls, some amount of complicity within the lower ranks is required to achieve overall success.

    One is tempted to utter the universal query about “what color is the sky in their world” but it’s actually pretty irrelevant; blue, pink or chartreuse, conditions on the surface are what has to be dealt with.

    And, eventually, will be, per the prescience of Herb Stein and the inexorable Forces of Reality, certainly to the dissatisfaction and discomfort of many, .

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