Pallywood at its finest

“Pallywood” is a term used to describe “Palestinian” propaganda in the form of staged and faked “news” videos. They have a long tradition of faking videos (often with the full cooperation/collaboration of the media) to engender an emotional response with the goal of increasing support for them and opposition to Israel.

Occasionally, their plans go awry and it becomes obvious what’s going on.

In this prime example, these upstanding, not in any way connected with terrorists, citizens were faking a child’s funeral “Oh…look how the evil Israelis are killing our children”.

But wait, an air raid siren – so everyone runs away…including, after a short delay, the deceased.

Notably, even though the adults involved in the ruse presumably knew that the child they were carrying in the shroud was not really dead, none of them even attempted to help the child flee the potential air raid; they all just dropped the stretcher and ran away.

It just warms the cockles of the heart to see how much these people care about the well-being of their children doesn’t it?

Somehow I don’t think you’ll see any reporting on this in the MSM. I wonder why?

Full disclosure: I have no idea about the provenance of this video and cannot vouch for it’s authenticity. It’s so ridiculous it almost comes across as parody or satire. The kid poking his head out of the shroud like a groundhog, looking around for a second before realizing all the adults had abandoned him, and then running away is just comedy gold. Maybe that’s all this was and it’s being taken out of context…I don’t know.

But I do know that I’ve seen enough of these put on Pallywood videos in the past that this comports completely with their propaganda efforts so my inclination, unless proven otherwise, is to believe it is exactly what it appears to be.

Hat tip to the Geller Report.


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