State with some of the strictest gun control laws, don’t want them enforced

In the latest entry to the “It’s a feature, not a bug” category, we present California’s new initiative to reduce the punishment for gun crimes.

In what has been called an effort to curb disproportionate law enforcement for communities of color, a bill is making its way through the CA state assembly that would drastically reduce the length of sentences for gun-related crimes.

The cover is “anti-racism” because blacks and Hispanics commit most gun crimes and, therefore, “suffer” the most with long prison sentences.

But are they really that stupid? They pass laws to make criminals of the law abiding for simply exercising a constitutionally protected right, but then they decide to let actual criminals, who commit violence with guns, back out onto the street and they’re really too obtuse to determine that it will result in increased crime?

Sorry, not buying that. People too mentally handicapped to grasp this basic “cause-effect” relationship would need a keeper to prevent them from harming themselves while operating a can opener. These are people with at least sufficient mental acuity to run an election campaign (of course, Maxine Waters might be cited as prima facia evidence that this is no great achievement, so there’s that in their defense).

No, I think they know full well what the result of this is going to be: criminals back out on the streets doing the things that criminals do: causing murder and mayhem. Why would they want that? As I’ve explained many times before, a safe, secure and economically stable people do not willingly give up their liberty. To get people to willingly surrender their liberty, you must make them unsafe, insecure and economically unstable.

Let the criminals roam free while eliminating the ability of the law abiding to defend themselves. What better way to instill fear in the populace?

The left doesn’t care that they’re destroying the country and destroying the lives of millions of people, they only care that they’re the ones holding the power when the dust settles after it all comes crashing down.


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