The Gaslighting is Strong in this one…

It’s almost funny it’s so transparent:

This party, Republican Party today, is showing so much dishonor to the people who made it possible, the people who [inaudible] from Abraham Lincoln kept this party alive on the basis of anti-slavery, which, itself, was a big lie,

The party of equal opportunity and colorblind meritocracy is dishonoring Lincoln’s legacy, which was a lie…or something.


Now they talk a lot about ‘cancel culture,’ this is the classic cancel culture,” he said, referring to talks about Cheney being removed from GOP leadership. “They are perpetrating that which they argue they are against.

An organization voting to remove a person from a position of power when that person has proven to be working in direct opposition to that organizations goals and purposes is EXACTLY the same as disagreeing with someone (or having your feelings hurt by them) and then working to get them fired from their job in an industry completely unrelated to the perceived affront, terrorizing and working to ostracize them on social media and possibly even doxxing them and putting them in physical danger.


Mitch McConnell has some personal animus toward Democrats that ought not be. We are ‘one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’ Let’s operate like that.

The party of weaponizing federal agencies against political opponents and BLM and Antifa and Cancel Culture and “your speech is violence but our violence is speech”, and a national day of prayer that doesn’t mention God is all about “one nation, under God, indivisible…” Sure they are.

And, throw in a bit of projection just to round it all out:

That’s conservative,” Emanuel explained. “This is a reactionary party built on both resentment and race. There’s [where] the party’s going

Seriously? It’s not the party that supports the “1619 project” and “systemic racism” and “being white is being racist” and “if you don’t support every aspect of woke culture you’re a white supremacist” that’s built on resentment and race. Nope. It’s the party that fought, bled and died to end slavery, that marched to end Jim Crow, that sent in the national guard to end segregation, that believes that all people, of all races, creeds and colors, are equally capable of succeeding in a society that provides ample opportunity to do so…that’s the party that’s all about resentment and race.

There are only two possibilities: They either think we’re too stupid to figure this out, or they are mentally ill and really believe what they’re spouting. I suppose it could be some combination of the two. I tend to believe it’s the former. I can’t imagine anyone being that mentally ill and still being able to function without constant care to keep them from wandering into the path of a bus or jumping out of a window to fly with the birds or something.


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