The Mass Shooting you’ll never hear about

And that will never make it into the stats:

Why? Because, thanks to the intervention of an armed law abiding citizen, it never reached the level of a mass shooting.

Hicks was shot multiple times inside of her apartment by Arnold who was armed with a semi-automatic rifle. Arnold continued to shoot his rifle at neighboring apartments. A resident at the apartments heard the gunshots and got a hunting rifle which he used to shoot and kill Arnold.

This is how the anti-gunners deny the utility of armed citizens in stopping mass shootings. When one is stopped by a cop, it’s usually been going on 30 minutes or so before the police even arrive on scene, so there are already more than 4 victims (the lower limit of an incident that defines a mass shooting) before they even get there.

Armed citizens are the first responders because they’re already there when it starts. When they intervene, they often prevent it from getting to the 4 victim level in the first place.

If it doesn’t get to the 4 victim level, it was not a mass shooting so it doesn’t make it into the statistics and they can deny that it ever happened.

Personally, I’d rather have the saved lives than the statistics to back up our contentions, but the fact is that this guy, and many like him, stopped a mass shooting in its tracks before it ever reached that level…and the public will never hear about it because as far as the anti-gunners and their PR wing in the media are concerned, it never happened.

Hat tip to Bearing Arms


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