They can sense weakness

Well, it’s pretty clear that our enemies are no longer taking us seriously.

China’s becoming increasingly militant toward Taiwan.

Russia is massing troops and tanks at the border.

Iran is getting froggy with our warships.

Hamas is re-initiating its war on Israel.

And why is all this happening?

Because our military is too busy celebrating all gay helicopter crews, weeding out those “domestic extremists” that believe their oath to protect and defend the Constitution means something and ensuring that fitness requirements aren’t so arduous that they prevent women from serving in combat rolls that they’re ill-suited for.

They can smell it in the water, and I’d be willing to bet when one kicks off, the others will soon follow, because they all know that even if our early stage dementia suffering Commander in Chief and his “one world government” supporting puppeteers had the political will to take action, we no longer have the military might to do so. When it kicks off, we will protest vehemently, kick some of their spies out, and demand some inconsequential and ultimately meaningless economic sanctions, but will do nothing…and they increasingly are aware of that.

I don’t think it’s going to be much longer now.

We live in interesting times.


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