US Navy Priorities

China has been rattling sabers and engaging in aggressive actions around Taiwan and some of the other contested islands in that area.
Russia is massing troops and tanks along their border.
Iran is harassing shipping and even US Navy ships in the straight of Hormuz and busily enriching nuclear materials.
North Korea is continuing their missile tests.
Hamas is firing thousands of rockets at Israel, forcing them to defend themselves.

With all these concerning events taking place right now, it’s really nice to know that at least the US Navy has their priorities in the right place:

On Monday, the Acting Secretary of the United States Navy Thomas Harker released a memo that outlined new actions the military branch will be taking on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and our other allies may not be able to count on our military to support them in their hour of need as we’ve always promised, but at least they can be confident in the fact that it is diverse, equitable and inclusive. That should comfort them greatly as they’re being destroyed by our mutual enemies.

Then it will be our turn. “In war news today, The Chinese invasion pushed inland and the Peoples Liberation Army occupied Las Vegas, virtually wiping out the 10th LGBT Brigade of the 1st Army Integrated Corps. Although they presented little resistance to the invaders and were wiped out almost to a [whatever type of creature or object they identify as], at least they looked really good in their rainbow colored camouflage uniforms and newly designed ‘pussy hat’ helmets.”

We live in interesting times.


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