Why I use Signal

Signal’s response to a Grand Jury subpoena:

…when we received this subpoena from the United States Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California, it felt like 2016 all over again.

The subpoena requested a wide variety of information that fell into this nonexistent category, including the addresses of the users, their correspondence, and the name associated with each account.

It’s impossible to turn over data that we never had access to in the first place. Signal doesn’t have access to your messages; your chat list; your groups; your contacts; your stickers; your profile name or avatar; or even the GIFs you search for. As a result, our response to the subpoena will look familiar. It’s the same set of “Account and Subscriber Information” that we provided in 2016: Unix timestamps for when each account was created and the date that each account last connected to the Signal service.

“But, but,but…why do you need to worry about it if you’re not doing anything wrong???”

I’m so old, I can remember when being patriotic was considered a good thing. When quoting the Constitution was an excellent way to make a point in a discussion. When being a member of an organization formed to defend the families of fallen soldiers at their funerals was an honorable and noble endeavor.

Now all those things can get you added to a secret list of domestic “extremists”. Don’t tell me there’s nothing to worry about. Why give them any more ammunition than you have to?

Hat tip to Joe Huffman.


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