Worst White Supremacists Ever

Update: I’m human and am subject to my own biases and preconceptions. When I read the below blockquote yesterday, I read it as “People of color are a tiny fraction of the world…” rather than what it actually says “…that world…”

Misreading that one word changed the entire meaning of the sentence so my initial gripe about the article was based on poor reading comprehension on my part rather than on the ignorance of the authors. Mea Culpa.

I formally withdraw my complaint about the factuality of the quoted statement because it is completely true, minorities, although welcomed warmly and unreservedly by true patriots, are an even smaller minority in the “Patriot”, Constitutional Originalist, anti-woke movements.

My sincere apologies both to the authors of the quoted piece and my readers for my unforced error.

Before I get to the actual subject of this post, I wanted to point out the first, glaring stupidity in this article:

People of color are a tiny fraction of that world, but analysts say they play an outsize role in challenging perceptions.

Seriously? I hate to tell you this, but whatever leftist enclave you call home isn’t the whole world.

While it was difficult to find any kind of authoritative numbers on this (apparently, American and (increasingly) British leftists are the only people in the world obsessed with “white vs everyone else”, according to the best information I could find, whites make up somewhere between 9 and 16 percent of the world population. In other words “People of Color” are actually somewhere in the range of 84-91% of the world…sort of the opposite of “a tiny fraction”.

That ridiculous contention is enough to dismiss this entire article as ignorant drivel, but that’s not the point of this post.

The point of this post is another example of the left’s projecting of their own intolerance onto the right:

Rapolla’s brown skin, a reflection of his multiracial ancestry, is at odds with images of White guys in self-styled militias wearing camouflage in the woods. The militia stereotype is so entrenched, Rapolla said, that airline ticket agents have refused to believe him when he gives them a heads-up that he’s on a domestic terrorism watch list.

Yes, because stereotyping and prejudging based on appearance isn’t intolerant at all is it? This entire piece is apparently dedicated to trying to figure out what motivates the minorities who are members of “extremist” groups.

At one point, the piece even points out that a couple of the more notorious of the “extremist” groups have anti-racism baked into their founding documents:

The Oath Keepers, a far-right network that recruits veterans and law enforcement officers, forbids discrimination and hatred in its bylaws. Similarly, the largest Three Percenter militia factions have issued statements rejecting white nationalism and have kicked out members for neo-Nazi sympathies.

But of course, in the very next sentence, they dismiss this as just being a PR move. Can’t possibly be that these “extremists” aren’t really what your compatriots in the media have been trying to sell us, could it?

But here’s the thing I really wanted to point out. This isn’t about one of those infamous “right wing extremist groups”, this is just about a bunch of Second Amendment supporters who got together to peacefully demonstrate in support of their rights.

One recent Saturday, a mild spring afternoon with geese honking overhead, a couple dozen Virginia-based gun rights activists gathered in front of the Hampton City Hall to repeat their usual challenge to politicians calling for gun control: “Come and take it.”

The night before, the local NAACP chapter had gathered Black activists at the same spot to denounce gun violence and Second Amendment extremism. John Perkins, 65, a retired Black police officer who’s now running for Hampton sheriff, attended the NAACP event and came back the next day to meet the armed groups for himself.

“I told myself, ‘OK, I know my skin color is different from theirs, but I’ll know how they are once I start talking to them,’ ” Perkins said.

Both the authors of this piece and Mr. Perkins himself seemed shocked to discover:

The small right-wing crowd immediately welcomed Perkins, prayed over him and invited him to speak.

The interesting thing is that this is not shocking at all to those of us on the right who’ve been involved in right wing politics for a long time. The whole “right wing = white supremacy = racist = Nazi” paradigm is nothing more than left wing fantasy and projection.

Brandon Rapolla, the first right wing “Person of Color” showcased in the piece and mentioned above, said it best:

“People on the far right are automatically labeled as racist,” Rapolla said. “It’s a weapon used by elitists in order to keep their power where they want it.”


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