Another case of Black Privilege?

Unclear at this time, but I have my suspicions.

You may remember the story of the Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts murder. The one that proves the lie of the liberal anti-self-defense shibboleth “just give them what they want and you’ll be ok”:

Once inside, the suspect demanded she hand over money from the store office. After taking the money, the suspect shot Lugo in the head. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Well, it turns out that, as has happened so many times in the past, the suspect should have been in prison.

There was no need for Judge Medinilla to let Mr Gibson loose. He was already guilty of violating his probation, and she could have ordered him back to jail without the state having to prove anything else; no trial was required. With the Philly police already pointing to him as a murder suspect, why would any judge in his right mind turn him loose when it was not necessary?

Was this a case of Black Privilege? It’s impossible to really know unless this particular judge had handled a case under similar circumstances but with a white suspect. I’d say the odds of finding such a case are low so we’ll never really know.

But based on the left’s penchant for portraying black criminals as misunderstood and mistreated by the system, I’d have to say my suspicions are strong on this one. I mean, this is hardly a choir boy:

Gibson’s “extensive history of violence’’ and “documented anger issues,” including 64 previous criminal charges, with nine convictions for felonies and 15 for misdemeanors. Besides the manslaughter/weapons conviction, which had been pleaded down from a first-degree murder count, his other offenses included assault and terroristic threatening.

He had also violated probation 14 times over the years.

If ever there was a poster boy for a “three strikes” law, this guy was it. Maybe people shouldn’t be sent to prison for life after three felony convictions, maybe it should be four, or five or some other number, but in my humble opinion, 9 felony convictions including a manslaughter conviction that was plead down from murder one (I wonder how many of his misdemeanor convictions were plead down from felonies?) and 14 probation violations pretty thoroughly demonstrates to me that this guy has no desire or capacity to live peaceably in a civilized society.

But as a result of the lax treatment of criminals associated with the privilege of being black in a country that affords blacks numerous indulgences, a productive, contributing, hard working member of society was brutally murdered AFTER giving the criminal what he asked for.

And then the cities with policies that enable these predators to roam the streets try to blame lawful gun owners and gun manufacturers for their own failures.

And unless the people in charge can get the lax enforcement of our election laws and regulations straightened out before next year’s mid-terms (something I sincerely doubt they’re capable of) it’s only going to get worse from here.


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