Vaccination doubts

I was already skeptical of the vaccination. First I don’t think it’s necessary for a virus with a 98+% survival rate in my demographic group and a 99+% survival rate when the proper treatment regimens are applied.

Secondly, the “vaccinations” being pushed did not even meet the medical definition of “vaccination” a few months ago and only do now because they changed the definition to match it. The mRNA techniques are new, have never been used on this scale and the long term effects of tricking your own body into producing the proteins that then stimulate your immune system into attack mode are completely unknown.

Thirdly, the rate of serious side effects from these “vaccines” is significantly higher than would have been tolerated in a vaccine just a few years ago…not to mention that the CDC keeps downplaying and soft-pedaling these side effects, even while acknowledging that they’re happening.

Fourthly, while possibly more contagious, all indications that the “Delta” variant that has become the most prevalent strain of the virus at the moment, is much less virulent than previous iterations and has a mortality rate virtually identical with common influenza (look at the case fatality table on page 8).

This is what viruses do. Viruses persist by spreading from host to host. In order for a host to spread the virus to another host, it has to be alive. As viruses mutate, the more deadly strains die out because they don’t proliferate. The strains that do survive are the ones that don’t make the hosts sick enough to die (or even to go into isolation for that matter, when you get sick enough to go to a hospital, you’ll be isolated, hence not spreading the virus, even if you survive).

They’re claiming that the Delta variant is more transmissible than previous variants and that may be true, but the only evidence they have is a marginal uptick in total cases and the percentage of that total that is of the Delta variant is increasing rapidly.

Yes, that could mean that Delta is more transmissible, but it also could simply be a function of it being less virulent (which has already been demonstrated). If people are getting less sick from it, fewer will seek medical treatment, will remain in public longer and will spread it to more people.

But all of that is just to lead up to my final point via “The Last Refuge”:

The government push to promote vaccinations for COVID-19 has gone well beyond reasonable advancement for the public health. Now, we are entering a phase where the ongoing demand is becoming problematic, propaganda.

I am a cynic by nature. When someone starts trying to push me into doing something, my first reaction is to question their motives. What business is it of theirs anyway? Why should they care if I choose to make different decisions than they do? If there is a reasonable explanation for it, and their argument is convincing, I can be persuaded. But the harder I’m pushed to just blindly accept that their prescription for me is “for my own good”, especially when the facts right in front of my face bring that contention into question, the less likely I am to bend to their will.

I distinctly feel like I’m being pushed right now in a direction, I’m not sure I want to go. Until I make up my mind that I want to go that way, I’m going to keep pushing back.

If I eventually have to get a vaccine to function in the world, I’d be much more likely to accept the upcoming and as-yet unapproved Novavax vaccine.

The Novavax vaccine does not trick our own cells into creating the protein that activates the immune response, the Novavax vaccine uses the more traditional approach of injecting inactivated virus particles to trigger the response. This is tried and true technology that has been in use for years in vaccines such as the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Even under an emergency use authorization, I’d be much more willing to try a vaccine created using longstanding and proven techniques rather than a relatively new technology with unknown long term side effects.

But the bottom line is that I feel that the risks of accepting a vaccine released under emergency authorization and using relatively new and untried technology outweigh the benefits of defeating a virus with a high survival rate and the harder they push me to accept their position over my own, the harder I’m going to resist.


2 thoughts on “Vaccination doubts

  1. “….the Novavax vaccine uses the more traditional approach of injecting inactivated virus particles to trigger the response. This is tried and true technology”…… I’d be much more willing to try a vaccine created using longstanding and proven techniques”

    All quite sensible, Now, would you believe/trust “government workers” – or even the government itself – to give you the Novavax vaccine rather than “whatever they had on hand” or through simple incompetence and/or sloppiness inject you with something else?

    Yeah, me neither.

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