An Olympian I can get behind

As disgusted as I am by the “woke” Olympics this year, I’m happy to see that there’s at least one ray of sunshine in an otherwise overcast sky:

“I love representing the U.S. I freaking love living there,” the Olympic gold medalist said before pumping her fist, smiling, and pulling the stars and stripes tighter to her body.

I watched a video of her yesterday and she almost couldn’t hold back the tears of joy she had after winning the Gold medal. She was so obviously so proud to have represented both herself and her country in such a way.

She’s a credit to the nation and someone I’m proud to call a fellow American. Those are the people who should be representing us in the Olympics, not people who hate the country and hate their fellow countrymen.

I don’t know what her politics are and I don’t care. All I care about is that she was enthusiastic about her win and publicly supportive of the nation that nurtured her ambition and enabled her to succeed at such a level.

Congratulations to her on her will earned Gold Medal.

I’m not particularly fond of Wheaties, but I’d buy a box with her picture on it.


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