Saving the environment by destroying it.

I’ll never profess to understand the mind of a leftist. Virtually every “solution” they come up with for a problem makes it worse, and often creates brand new problems, for them to create “solutions” for that make them worse.

And several of their primary positions are diametrically opposed to each other. A prime example is “Defund the Police” and “Stop Gun Violence”. If you defund the police, who’s going to arrest violent criminals who use guns? Even if you rephrase “stop gun violence” into what you really mean…make guns illegal…if you defund the police who’s going to arrest me for ignoring your unconstitutional laws?

This story is another prime example:

State wants to build 500 new wind turbines in the state forest…

Each wind turbine means the clear-cutting of 0.35 km2 of forest, lost CO2 and moisture reservoirs, all to be sealed by 3500 tons of concrete each for each turbine. To date, such concrete blocks have never been removed, insurmountable obstacles to deep-rooted trees and natural water control.

Only a liberal could, in the same breath, condemn deforestation and defend massive wind farm projects that require deforestation.


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